Injured Passenger in an Auto Accident
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Are You an Injured Passenger in an Auto Accident? Know Your Rights

Auto accident victims have access to more data today than ever before. They know when they should call the police and alert the insurance companies and motor vehicle departments. In fact, they also know about the apt moment to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

However, not all people clearly understand the insured passenger rights that often gets compared with the injured driver rights. However, passengers who have a clear understanding of their right along with the process of personal injury, can get in touch with an expert lawyer. To know more about it, you can check out Law Office of Steven J. Stirparo.

You have a compensation right as a passenger

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The passengers have the equal rights to get paid for the injuries similar to drivers. When you join hands with the best lawyer or a law firm, you can file a lawsuit to get the compensation.

  • Lost wages – The car accident victims at times lose their cars, homes or any other personal property. They usually suffer from acute low self-esteem when they aren’t able to support their families. The law in certain places enables auto accident victims to get compensation for the lost wages when another person is accountable for the injuries.
  • Non-economic damages, pain and suffering – In certain places, the law offers recovery for non-economy damages and other pain and suffering. It can comprise physical pain, emotional distress, suffering, loss of society, loss of consortium and reputation, and any kind of inconvenience.
  • Compensation for the medical bills – It’s possible to get compensation for the injuries, like the surgical expenses, doctor’s bills, emergency services, medications, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, in-patient care, and chiropractic care.

Who is responsible for the auto accident?

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The compensation amount you get gets based on who was responsible for the auto accident. It also depends on the amount of personal assets and liability insurance are accessible.

  • Your car driver caused the accident – In case your car driver is accountable for the auto accident, you might receive the compensation. Things like, multiple or one-vehicle accident doesn’t matter. You can get compensation via the driver’s car insurance policy and the umbrella policy. Else, you can get the payment by selling their assets.
  • Another car driver is responsible for the accident – In this case, both your driver and you have a chance to get the compensation.
  • The driver who caused the accident is underinsured or uninsured – In case the driver was underinsured, their organization will pay the accessibility liability limits. After that, the car’s insurance company in which you were might pay the leftover amount. However, it’s always best to get in touch with an expert lawyer in such a situation.

Did you cause the auto accident?

It is one final situation to consider. According to the comparative negligence law, everyone is accountable for the injuries that they cause owing to absence of ordinary care. When you get injured in any accident, you can collate the damages for your held accountable amount.

These are the rights about which you need to know. But it’s not possible for you to know it all by yourself. Hence, it’s suggested that you join hands with an expert lawyer.

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