Regulations for Garage Doors
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Cedar Hills Overhead Doors – Regulations for Garage Doors

The U.S Product Safety Commission issued rules and regulations in order to protect the lives of children. This is because there are many children who become trapped under the automatic garage doors. Therefore, these regulations were set in place for garage doors so that they can protect your children. Given that garage doors are usually the heaviest and largest part of a house, it also has various potential risks. The safety legislation and the garage door technology are associated with each other, and this article will go into detail about other regulations for garage doors.

Garage Door Regulations


The legislation is there in order to ensure the type of the garage doors. The type of the garage doors that you select will undergo many certifications and testing. The testing operation and garage door height adjustment will ensure that your garage door is safe and secured, and is able to be operated by average users.


Safety is a crucial aspect for any sort of automatic system. Therefore, you should check the installation of your automated garage. The legislation will confirm that the garage door is safe for all users irrespective of children and average users. The installation should meet all kinds of safety requirements as well. The installer of the garage must ensure all safety measurements and requirements.The garage door should be passed with all certifications and safety requirements before it will be installed in one’s house. Cedar Hills Overhead Doors - Regulations for Garage Doors

Safety Features

There are so many safety features that you should look after at the time of installation. You should also check the safety features in mechanism. Your garage door should prevent any sort of personal injury and any kinds of property damage.

Obstacle Detection

This is a main thing that you should notice when it comes to safety features. This pressure sensitivity prevents the door from descending at the time it comes with the contact of any obstacles. This is generally achieved through a movement sensor. There may be an intelligent drive unit that can operate this.

Safety Corner

A safety edge is another form of pressure sensitivity. A rubber strip with embedded sensor is fixed at the bottom of the door. If the garage door touches anything, the mechanism will prevent the upcoming damage and any kinds of injury.

Light Curtaining

Light curtaining is an innovative technology. The beams are interacted with the objects. At that time, the garage door will halt for some time. It prevents any harmful incidents.

Hold to Run the Door

This unique system requires pressing the button by the user. The button is at the side of the door. Users can operate the garage door by pressing this button.

Bottom Line

The certification of the garage door has been issued for the benefits of users. It can easily avoid the deaths and other unnecessary harmful circumstances. So, the regulations for garage doors are very necessary in order ensure the safety associated with consumer products.

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