Recognize A False Lawyer
Halt | September 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

How Do I Recognize A False Lawyer Or An Unscrupulous Lawyer?

Any citizen, who is not familiar with the nuances of the law, can face a fraudster who pretends to be a professional lawyer or lawyer. Not everyone will be able to check the qualification of a hired specialist, despite the cost of services.

I have listed the signs that will help to recognize a “lawyer”, whose services it is better not to use:

“There are a few simple signs that allow you to judge the dishonesty of the person you have sought legal assistance from, even before the agreement with, or at the very beginning of the cooperation”.

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1. The lawyer immediately agreed to conduct the case – without familiarizing himself with the documents

The law is not applied by itself, but taking into account specific circumstances. Not having studied the case documents, it is extremely difficult to say whether there are effective legal mechanisms to resolve a specific situation and what difficulties may arise in legal assessment of events, proving and appealing.

2. A lawyer is represented by an attorney, not being one of them

It is believed that lawyers work only in criminal cases and are specialists only in criminal law. This is not the case. Lawyers also provide legal assistance in civil, family, labour, inheritance and other categories of cases.

Sometimes legal assistance under the guise of private practicing lawyers is provided by people who do not have any legal education at all, and lawyers are called those who are not.

3. The lawyer promises and even guarantees the result in your favor.

An experienced attorney or lawyer, even internally predicting success, will never make a categorical statement about it. And even more so, to guarantee a positive outcome in a case.

A lawsuit is a formula with many variables. Some of them – building a legal position and work with evidence (depends on the qualification of a lawyer / lawyer), some – no. Domestic court practice on many issues develops in all sorts of directions, and in similar cases the opposite decisions are made. Under such conditions, one must be able to work and honestly explain to the trustees the prospects and possibilities of protection, rather than luring them with colorful promises.

4. A lawyer cannot articulate clearly and clearly which defense options are possible in a case, what are the pros and cons of each position and what can be done to implement each option.

There are simple and typical cases, there are hopeless cases, and there are unobvious ones. The latter may develop in different ways and allow several options for protection – due to the uncertainty of the law, unformulated court practice or contradictory evidence. All this shall be discussed between the lawyer (lawyer) and the principal. You may ask this service to describe everything in writing properly. After that the person, who applied for legal assistance, after the consultation of the lawyer (lawyer) objectively represent the situation in the case and its prospects from the point of view of law.

5. The lawyer, after receiving the fee, shall avoid the meetings agreed with the clients and shall not return the documents.

The specifics of the court lawyer’s work are such that he is not always able to quickly answer a phone call or urgently meet with a client. For example, the lawyer is busy in court, at the meeting with the client in the pre-trial detention center, at negotiations and so on. However, if the lawyer received the advance payment and the documents, and then does not answer the phone, does not call back and avoids the meetings in any way, it is an alarming call.

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