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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Skilled DWI Lawyer?

Driving while intoxicated is termed a criminal offense when a person operates a vehicle with impaired functioning owing to alcohol consumption or drugs. Determined by the law of every state, this is conceivably known as, driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI), or operating while intoxicated (OWI).

There exist numerous elements that fall under driving while intoxicated offenses, Trey Porter Law controlled by the state in which you reside. For example, in an occurrence whereby a large number of people are conversant with DWI or DUI, all these charges are generally associated with the consumption of alcohol.

Typically, a DWI charge is inclined to a motorist suspected of drunk driving in default of a field sobriety test or having a blood alcohol content (BAC) test which precedes the legal limit. The different types of offenses take into consideration-controlled substances, drugs, and other elements that play a major part in impairing an individual’s ability to drive. In addition, driving while intoxicated is not exclusively for trucks and cars but also an individual on a boat or a bike can receive the same hefty criminal charges.

Whilst federal law is strongly associated with professional certified commercial drivers, state laws are normally ready and on duty in the occurrence of law infractions coming into play hence affecting the average citizen.

Is Driving While Intoxicated A Felony Or A Misdemeanor?

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Driving while intoxicated can be termed as either a felony or a misdemeanor. A first-time offender who bears no criminal record nor abrasive factors could be considered a misdemeanor indictment in almost all states. For repeat offenders, an individual who has committed a particular crime more than once with aggravating factors has a higher chance of being convicted of felony charges.

Abrasive factors may include but are not limited to speeding or negligent driving, violating the traffic guidelines with children inside the car, highly elevated blood alcohol content when measured, or initiating a personal injury or loss of life as a result of driving while intoxicated.

Why Should You Hire A Professional DWI Lawyer?

How Can Lawyers Help You Better Understand The Reform

In the event that you are accused of driving while intoxicated, you should with immediate effect start looking for the best DWI lawyer around. The consequences of this type of conviction can result in you losing thousands of dollars, leaving you with a felony charge, and a criminal record resulting in the suspension of your license.

With a professional DWI attorney, you can easily alleviate the impact of the consequences and realize the best optimal outcome possible in that crisis. A skilled DWI attorney works tirelessly to ensure that they defend and protect their client’s rights corresponding to the plea under the codes of civil procedure.

A conviction due to being charged with driving while intoxicated can result to:

  • Incarceration.
  • Suspension of a driver’s license.
  • Conviction record.
  • High-cost installation and monthly remittance for an ignition interlock device (IID).
  • Mandatory alcohol education program and treatment program attendance.
  • Serious hefty fines.

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The job description of a DWI attorney is to ensure that they assist their client to avoid conviction or minimize the potential penalties ahead by:

  • Exploring diversion programs that will relinquish the clients with a clean record.
  • Contest charges to circumvent conviction.
  • Excluding evidence that was obtained in violation of the client’s rights.
  • Presenting expert witnesses to sabotage the state evidence against the client.
  • Present a convincing case for the client to be granted a restricted or hardship license.
  • Argue in defense of a suspended or reduced sentence.
  • Negotiation of a plea bargain to face lesser charges.


Appointing the best DWI attorney plays a major role in the profound impact on the best outcome of your case. It is advisable to contact an attorney at your earliest convenience when you are accused of driving while intoxicated so that your rights can be protected from day one.


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