Hire a Family Law Attorney
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5 Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney

Not all aspects of family life are happy and fulfilling. Sometimes serious issues arise, and we require external advice and legal assistance to help us resolve these problems. Here are 5 reasons to hire a family law attorney.

Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney



Even if you think that you and your partner can end your marriage amicably, it is always sensible to hire a lawyer to do the job for you.  When it comes to dividing assets, even the most easy-going tempers can become frayed, and your amicable relationship may quickly change to one fraught with malice.

Working your way through the path to divorce can be very stressful and confusing. There are many laws surrounding divorce, and it is best to hire a reputable family attorney, such as Skyview Law, who will ensure that you are aware of your rights and entitlements.


Family lawyers are also hired to get legal guardianship in Ireland or any other country. This includes the guardianship of a child once parents become separated. It generally involves the responsibility of making decisions about a child’s life, such as school and medical treatment. In addition, guardianship is also an order issued by a court to assist a person who is mentally unable to deal with their own affairs such as financial matters and personal welfare and a responsible person must be appointed as their guardian. A guardian is able to make decisions on behalf of this person and has access to their bank accounts and can make decisions regarding the selling of their assets.

If you are a designated guardian, it will be up to you to make decisions regarding the person’s welfare.  If the person is elderly and suffering from dementia, you may have to decide whether they would be better off in a nursing home and how to fund it financially.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

A criminal defense lawyer may be consulted if you have been accused of assaulting your partner physically. If you are innocent but your partner has called the police, the matter will still be taken to into the hands of the law, even if your other half does not want to press charges. If the decision is made by a prosecuting attorney that the case needs to go to court, you will need to seek the advice and guidance of a criminal defense lawyer.

If you are the one who has been abused, you must seek the immediate help of a lawyer in order to resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible – in order to prevent more harm from being done.


The adoption process is a long and difficult one, with plenty of challenges along the way. Once you’ve made the decision to adopt, it makes sense to hire a family law attorney who specializes in adoption because the legal side of the process can be very perplexing and difficult to follow.  A family law attorney will guide you through the process and ensure you reach your end goal with as little stress as possible.

Estate Plans and Wills

Estate Plans and Wills

Creating a will is one of the most critical things you can do for your loved ones. It is important to construct a will so that when you die, there will be no ambiguity over your intentions – everyone will know that your hard-earned cash and treasure possessions will end up where you wanted them.  A will should also prevent family rows over possessions and cause family rifts.

Although you do not have to have an attorney to help you construct your will, it helps to have some professional advice on all options and solutions available to you.


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