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5 Reasons to Hire a Defective Product Lawyer

Were you recently injured by a defective product? Depending on the extent of your injuries, you might have to worry about medical bills and damages. Meanwhile, there’s a chance someone else could get hurt from the same product, too.

If the accident was the result of negligence, the manufacturer is likely at fault. However, it can sometimes become tricky to prove negligence.

Without proof, you could fail to receive the compensation you deserve.

Don’t worry about covering the injuries you sustained alone. Instead, consider hiring a defective product lawyer. They can help you build a case and win.

With over 135,221 personal injury attorneys in the country, it’s essential you find the one equipped to take your case.

On the fence about hiring a lawyer? Here are five reasons you need an experienced lawyer for your defective product lawsuit.

Otherwise, you could make a mistake that costs you your case.

1. Experience and Expertise

Before you choose a defective product lawyer, learn as much as you can about their experience.

How long have they practiced law? How many defective product cases have they pursued? Were any of those cases similar to yours?

Learning about your lawyer’s experience will give you peace of mind about your choice. They have the hands-on experience and know-how to try your case to the end.

Make sure you don’t end up with a personal injury lawyer who specializes in a different type of case. Personal injury lawyers file lawsuits for car crashes, medical malpractices, and product liability incidents. Choosing a lawyer with the right specialty will ensure they have the knowledge you need.

They’ll lean on their prior experience to build your case. Choosing a product defect lawyer can put you a step ahead of the process.

Make sure the attorney you want to hire is licensed to practice in your state. Some laws can vary based on your location. Look for online reviews before choosing a lawyer, too.

You can start your search for a lawyer here.

Sound Judgement

After an accident, you might feel stressed or frazzled. If you were seriously injured, you need to focus on healing (not on building a case).

Choosing an experienced product defect lawyer will give you peace of mind. They’ll remain objective for you. That way, you can avoid making rash decisions that might have a negative impact on your case.

Access to Experts

In order to build your case and prove negligence, you might need to hire a team of investigators. If you don’t know who to call, don’t worry. Your lawyer can handle this for you as well.

They’ll gather a team of experts to help build your case. These can include expert witnesses like a doctor. They might call on reconstruction experts or a manufacturing expert, too.

Relying on a full team will ensure you have the necessary resources to build and win the lawsuit.

Case Complexities

No two lawsuits are exactly the same. If you’ve never handled a case on your own, it can feel confusing. By hiring a defective product attorney, you won’t have to worry about navigating laws and paperwork.

One small mistake with a form could cost you your case.

Your attorney will take the stress off your shoulders. You won’t have to worry about legal procedures or medical jargon. They help handle the insurance company’s red tape, too.

2. Settlement and Trial Process

Some cases settle out of court. Your lawyer can argue on your behalf to negotiate a settlement.

Make sure your lawyer has strong negotiating and communications skills. Are they clear, concise, and confident? Their communication skills could make or break your case.

If you decide to settle, you can receive payment for your losses. Your defective product lawyer can help calculate these losses by reviewing your medical bills and other documents. They’ll make sure you don’t receive less than you deserve.

Some defective product cases end up in the courtroom.

In these situations, your lawyer will ensure you’re properly represented. They’ll fight to make sure you receive a favorable verdict from the jury.

3. Save Time

Working through the process of building a case on your own can take time. You’ll need to acquire documents during discovery. You might need to send interrogatories to the other party, too.

This multi-step process can take time and effort you don’t have. Whether you’re healing from your injuries or working, you have a life of your own.

Your lawyer can handle these steps for you, allowing you to save valuable time and energy.

4. Save Money

Some people fail to contact a defective product attorney because they’re worried about legal expenses. Hiring a lawyer can actually relieve you of financial burden. By winning your lawsuit, they’ll ensure you receive the settlement you need to cover your losses.

Many lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Take the time to review the specifics of your case. During this meeting, ask about their fee structure.

Look for a lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis. These lawyers only receive a percentage of what they win from their client’s settlement.

The average personal injury jury awards about $5,076,430 in product liability lawsuits. Keep that in mind if you’re on the fence about filing a defective product lawsuit.

5. Peace of Mind

Reaching out to defective product law firms can also give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about making a mistake with your case or wasting time.

Instead, you can work with your lawyer to make a game plan moving forward.

Your defective product lawsuit can protect other people, too. By holding the company accountable, you can make sure they take action. The changes they make could help protect someone else from sustaining injuries.

Make Your Case: 5 Reasons to Contact a Defective Product Lawyer Right Away

Don’t wait to hire a defective product lawyer. Otherwise, the statute of limitations could lapse. You’ll lose your chance to receive the compensation you deserve if that happens.

Instead, look for a qualified, experienced defective product attorney you can trust.

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