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12 Reasons To Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, ME

During the pandemic, court backlogs in Maine increased, with over 10,000 criminal cases left unresolved. Don’t delay on dealing with your offense. Find a reputable attorney who will represent you in court.

If you’d like to learn about the different criminal defense attorneys, keep reading. This guide will teach you about the criminal attorneys people hire to defend them.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

1. Dealing With White Collar Crimes

Criminal defense law

Examples of white-collar crimes include fraudulent business activities or crimes committed by government professionals.

There are credit card fraud issues, embezzlement, and identity theft cases. Non-violent crimes will destroy your reputation and career.

2. You Would Like to Appeal

Even the criminal justice system will make mistakes. A convicted defendant has the right to appeal the sentence.

It’s a challenge to win a criminal appeal. You have to prove that a prejudicial and significant error was committed during the trial. Harmless errors aren’t going to qualify.

3. Dealing With a DUI or OUI

There are increasing cases of drivers using vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In Maine, you’ll face significant penalties if you have a BAC of 0.08 or greater. People who are first-time offenders will still suffer severe consequences.

You will complete a breathalyzer test and different field sobriety tests. Police officers use these methods to charge someone. Challenging these methods with the help of a reputable attorney’s critical.

If you’re facing these charges, search online for a “drunk driving lawyer near me.”

4. Handling a Drug Crime

Drug crimes often include prescription fraud, drug possession, or drug trafficking. Some people will also face charges for cultivating different drugs. The penalties for these offenses are significant.

You should find an attorney right away to guide you through the process.

5. Probation Violation

Most prison admissions involve previous offenders. The offenders had to go back to jail because they violated their probation rules.

If you’re accused of violating the terms of probation, take immediate steps to protect your rights. You can try to avoid the same penalties from the first offense.

Criminal Defense

6. Domestic Violence Has Increased

A large part of arrests in Maine involved domestic violence of some sort.

There are cases when people threaten another and accuse them of domestic violence. Those wrongfully accused will deal with damaged relationships, career problems, and ruined reputations.

You can challenge domestic violence charges with the help of a reputable attorney.

7. Sexual Assault or Other Crimes

When convicted, the person registers as a sex offender in the national registry. They will need to include information about where they work and live.

Sex offender registration can ruin someone’s future. Those accused of sex crimes work with a criminal defense attorney. They try and avoid this kind of conviction.

8. Some People Deal With Juvenile Offenses

Young adults who commit a crime will get tried in juvenile court. This is up until the person hits age 18. But juveniles can also get tried as adults in particular scenarios.

A juvenile conviction affects driver licensing privileges, jobs, and public benefits.

9. Different Theft Crimes

Property theft, burglary, and robbery crimes have risen in recent years. Robberies get committed almost daily in Maine. District Attorney offices have made aggressive steps to prosecute the offenders.

Penalties for a theft crime can include a long time in prison. Some people would get more time if there were aggravating circumstances involved.

10. Violent Crime Charges

A violent crime in Maine will range from Class D misdemeanors to Class A felonies. Assault, stalking, terrorizing, criminal threatening, murder, and manslaughter are some examples.

11. Carrying Weapons Without Permits

Gun laws in Maine help regulate the use, sale, and possession of ammunition and firearms. People can carry a concealed weapon as long as they have an issue of a permit from the state or local police.

It’s illegal to carry a concealed firearm without your permit. Maine also prohibits people from carrying guns for other reasons.

12. Dealing With Federal Charges

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The DEA or the FBI will investigate people accused of federal crimes.

Drug cases, gun charges, or Social Security fraud are some common federal offenses. They will get charged in Maine. Cyber crimes will also get handled by federal agencies.

Hire a Reputable Attorney With Experience

Find an attorney who has experience working on cases like yours. Talk to a few different lawyers and see how well you’re suited. Do you prefer one lawyer’s communication style over the other?

You should also inquire about the case cost and if they need any money upfront. Finding the right lawyer for your case will help you during this stressful situation.

Any criminal accusation will carry major repercussions. When these aggressive charges get placed on you or a loved one, you need a top lawyer.

Criminal defense attorneys will protect your civil liberty and rights. No matter what you’ve been accused of, you should have legal representation.

Contact a criminal defense attorney who handles similar cases successfully. Ask about their previous cases. You want an attorney who has a detailed understanding of the law in Maine.

Find the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys specialize in different cases. You can find someone for cyber-crimes, gun crimes, or domestic violence situations. Find a criminal defense attorney who will handle your case for you.

Pick a reputable lawyer with an excellent track record. Meet with a few lawyers and ask them questions before making a decision.

Need more legal advice? Continue learning about legal situations on the blog.


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