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Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in 2021

Being involved in a car accident for the first time can be a traumatic experience and many people are not sure what they should do next. And it’s understandable- you are feeling scared and you are probably hurt and in a lot of pain, making you feel confused and disoriented. You will probably remember to call your insurance company at some point, right after seeking medical attention, but what next?

Taking care of car repairs and getting your work leave in order should be next on your agenda, but by now you may be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work and stress one car had an accident caused.

But what if we told you that someone else can take care of all things related to your car accident? This is precisely why most people choose to hire a car accident attorney as they are the ones who can help alleviate most of your burdens and make sure you are compensated for your injuries accordingly.

In most cases, car accidents will result in some type of personal injury ranging from back and neck pain that can be resolved with a few weeks of physical therapy, to more serious injuries like broken bones, torn ligaments, but also head and brain injuries, internal bleeding and spinal injuries. And while you are in pain and taking your time to recover, tackling your claim by yourself may seem like an impossible task. And if you take a look at our reasons why you will understand how hiring a car accident attorney in 2021 can be the best decision you could make and how attorneys are better equipped to handle your claim.

1. Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise in Law Matters

Knowledge, Experience and Expertise in Law Matters

It takes a lot of knowledge and hard work to get through Law school and pass the Bar exam. And there is nothing simple about the law, especially those related to car accidents. So if you choose to tackle your claim without an attorney, you can expect insurance companies to run circles around you. And considering it is their job to make money, not just give away, dealing with them without any legal experience will leave you without a fair settlement. Hiring an experienced car accident attorney levels the playing field and ensures you are treated fairly.

2. Your Car Accident Attorney Can Negotiate With Insurance Company

Most insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to give you the lowest possible settlement offer, none at all, if possible. Make no mistake about it, they can be ruthless to the point of exploiting your weakened state and push you to settle for the first offer. But if you are legally represented, your attorney will negotiate with them as many times as it would take for them to create a fair and reasonable offer. And your attorney can be just as ruthless as they are while in pursuit of the compensation you deserve.

3. Attorneys Know How Covid-19 Affects Your Car Accident Claim

Attorneys Know How Covid-19 Affects Your Car Accident Claim

In the year 2020, life as we know it changed immensely. In order to protect us from coronavirus, the government was forced to create many restrictions and regulations that control the way we move and do our jobs. We are faced with lockdowns every few months that caused another occurrence throughout the country. Although there is less traffic, people are spending more now, taking advantage of an open car-less road. Such driving leads to fatal car crashes that result in more severe injuries

But if you, by a stroke of luck, end up pursuing your own claim after a car accident, during the coronavirus you will face a lot of obstacles that can cost you your claim. Following covid-19 regulations, many medical facilities have changed the way they operate, so seeking medical help as you would regularly is now changed. Also, court working hours are changed and a lot of hearings are being canceled or postponed. There are plenty of changes to the statute of limitation time frame, and similar other law acts that only an attorney would know. During the pandemic, your car accident attorney is being updated regularly on all changes related to his job and can help you manage your claim better.

4. Attorneys Are Data-Gathering Experts and Good at Proving Liability

Not all car accidents have a clear liability situation and sometimes you need to prove you are not a liable party. And to prove liability in court, you need to have some evidence-accident report, witnesses and any other data you can get your hands on. But if you are recovering from your injuries it is likely you won’t be able to collect all of the data needed, making your claim a very weak one and easily disputable. A car accident attorney can collect all evidence and data much easily and quickly than you and make sure your claim is bulletproof in court.

5. An Attorney Knows What the Fair Amount Is

An Attorney Knows What the Fair Amount Is

It may seem that the amount the insurance company is offering is enough, but if you knew you are entitled to more, would you settle for less? This is something only an attorney can know and advise you on. The value of your claim comes from various elements- your medical bills, car repair bills, and missed time from work. But did you know that, depending on your injuries, you can factor in any future loss, as well as the pain and suffering you faced, and increase the value of your claim? Your car accident attorney will be the one to advise you on the offer you should decline or accept, but the fact is that you will get a much higher one if you are legally represented.


Collaborating with a car accident attorney is the best way to clear your path to recovery. Receiving a fair settlement can help greatly in relieving the financial stress you can face after a car accident and help you recuperate without worrying about your future.

If you need an experienced car attorney to handle your claim during these trying times, call Megerdchian Law at (818)530-1300 and schedule a free case evaluation today.

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