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6 Reasons Why You Should Get Legal Transcription Services

A legal transcription is a legal document made from the statement or an audio recording of a statement. Ideally, it will contain everything that was said during a legal proceeding. A legal transcription is a very important piece of document. A transcription can be instrumental during a legal process which is why it should not be taken lightly. Imagine losing a personal injury case just because the legal transcription you had is inaccurate. In other words, it can affect the lives of people.

In this article, we will go through the different reasons why you should get legal transcription services.

How Are Legal Transcriptions Used?

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Legal transcription is used to create legal documents. That’s the main thing that makes it different from dictation and even court reporting.

Transcription is often confused with dictation and court reporting and that’s not surprising because there are similarities among the three. Dictation for example is the process of talking while a person types down what you say or using a device to record what was said and using that recording to write it down later.

Court reporting is similar to dictating but this time everything that is said inside a courtroom is written down.

Legal transcription on the other hand is writing down what was said but the resulting document is actually a legal paper that can be used in court. Also, legal transcription is not just done inside a courtroom but it can also be used in different settings involving the legal framework.

Here are some examples where legal transcription can be used:

  • Emergency calls
  • Legal meetings
  • Wiretaps
  • Depositions
  • Hearings
  • Interviews with witnesses

The use of legal transcription is not limited to those settings and scenarios.

Reasons To Get Legal Transcription Service

Now, it’s time to discuss the reasons why you should get a legal transcription service.

When Certain Parts Need To Be Highlighted

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Legal transcriptions are useful in highlighting certain parts of a statement or a conversation that has been recorded. It is easier to do that in a transcription rather than in a voice recording. A part that you want to emphasize on a legal document can be placed in bold or it can be highlighted in different ways. You can easily call attention to certain parts of the text.

Offers Better Access Than An Audio Recording

It’s easier to listen to an audio recording than ever before but it still cannot compare to going through a transcription when you want to get the details of a deposition. You can easily access the parts that you want to analyze. The transcription also leaves little doubt that you are hearing what the person is saying correctly.

Provides Precision And Clarity

Legal transcriptions also give a clear and precise account of what had happened and what was said during a proceeding. After reading a transcription, there should be little to no doubt in your mind as to what was said. This is especially crucial in law enforcement transcription because the slightest word difference can have a major impact on the case.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable law enforcement transcriptionist backed by an online legal service platform helping police and law enforcement agencies will mean a lot.

Law Students Can Study Them

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Legal transcriptions are also useful and helpful to law students. If they cannot access the legal proceedings, law students can at least refer to the transcription and still get a feel as to what had actually transpired. That’s one of the things that certified legal transcription services can offer, a feel for the actual proceedings.

The Transcription Can Be Shared With Others Who Are Not In The Proceedings

Friends and families of those involved in a case, whether the plaintiff or the defendant would like to know what’s going on with the case. Unfortunately, not everyone can attend the hearing to know what’s going on.

The most comprehensive way for them to learn what’s going on with the case is to go through the transcript. Through the legal transcript, they can learn what’s happening with the case in detail.

They Can Be Stored For Reference

The audio files can be stored too but transcriptions are different. There are different ways that legal transcriptions can actually be stored. First of all, they can be printed out and the hard copies can be filed away. Digital copies can be stored in the cloud or in the memory of some devices. Retrieving the file will be very easy when you are dealing with digital copies of the transcription.

One hour of audio in mono is about 0.65 MB. A file of transcription is much smaller than that.

Legal transcription is an essential part of the legal and law enforcement system. It is a tool used by lawyers and law enforcement agencies. A lot depends on the accuracy of the documents produced by legal transcriptionists. If you will be hiring a legal transcription service, make sure you pick one that has proven that it can deliver just like when you chose the law firm to represent you.

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