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Reasons Why You Should Always Consult a Qualified Criminal Defence Lawyer

Anyone who faces a criminal offense charge has the right to opt for legal representation. Whether he decides to plead guilty or not guilty, a thorough court proceeding involving the hearing of the case and then passing the verdict based on several considerations is a must. When faced with a criminal charge, many people become fearful and apprehensive and often decide to take a step back by not consulting an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Reasons to Consult a Criminal Defence Lawyer

They assume that things might get dirtier and more complex. But this is completely false. On the contrary, an experienced criminal defence lawyer can change the outcome of your case in more than one way. So, getting legally represented by expert lawyers is necessary and it brings you the following benefits among many.

No Need of Taking Unnecessary Stress and Anxiety

No Need of Taking Unnecessary Stress and Anxiety

Being charged with an offence is already quite scary and stressful. With a qualified criminal defence lawyer by your side, you can reduce the extra burden of taking law into your own hands. Lawyers like Sean Fagan Criminal Defence and others invest several years into studying and understanding the law and the different acts such as the Criminal Code, the Sentencing Act, the Road Traffic Act, and so on. By trusting him to handle these matters in the best way possible, you can save yourself from the worries and avoid disruption to your personal and professional life.

Less Exposure to Risks

Sometimes, people think that engaging a criminal defence lawyer would be expensive. But in reality, staying unrepresented will typically cost you more because you will be exposed to the risk of some detrimental outcomes. For instance, the accused person might be incorrectly charged or found guilty when he is actually innocent.

Less Exposure to Risks

Several other far-reaching negative outcomes can come in the form of your DNA being placed on the national database, disqualification from holding a driver’s license or a false criminal record to carry for the rest of your life. An experienced criminal lawyer helps you avoid all these types of outcomes. Therefore, the cost involved in hiring a lawyer is more than justified.

Support for Police Interviews

A critical time in any criminal offence case is when the accused is arrested and requested for participating in a police interview. Of course, anyone would be scared and also unprepared as to what to say and how to say it. In such a situation, your lawyer will guide you thoroughly, making you aware of your rights and the procedure at the same time.

Correct Evidence Presentation

The rules of evidence in criminal trial are very complex. For instance, interruptions and objections to statements of witnesses from the prosecution often lead to the court ruling that a certain line of questioning cannot be continued.

This is a risk for unrepresented people. On the other hand, if you have a good criminal defence lawyer by your side, he will know the exact questions to put forward to a witness. He will also have a strategy in place for cross-examining particular witnesses, a process that ultimately changes the outcome of a case.

Criminal defence lawyers stand by you throughout the case, offering not just legal aid but also emotional support when needed. That is why; their services are indispensable.

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