Content marketing for law firms
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A Law Firm’s Guide to Successful Content Marketing

Successful B2C marketing teams spend over one-quarter of their budget on content marketing. Why?

Because, no matter the industry, it works!

Want to find out how to leverage content to drive leads for your law firm? You’re in the right place. Today we’re going through a quick and easy guide to content marketing for law firms.

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What Is Content Marketing?

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In a nutshell, content marketing involves creating useful, relevant content for your audience, for free. It could be written (such as blogging), video (e.g. for a YouTube channel), or audio (like a podcast) in nature, but the goal’s always the same:

To capture attention, generate traffic, and increase brand awareness in the process. By ranking that content online, posting it on social media, and/or using paid ads to put it in front of your audience, you’ll send users to your website that should, in theory, convert to new leads.

Why Is It Important?

Whether you’re brand new or an established attorney with a thriving client base, you may wonder why you should bother investing in content. However, there are myriad benefits of content marketing for law firms to enjoy!

Here are two primary ways you stand to gain:

It’s Cost-Effective

Think about your current legal marketing methods. If you’re anything like the majority of firms, there’s a good chance you’re still using traditional strategies, such as TV ads, radio ads, billboards, and flyers. Alas, not only do these outdated methods offer limited results, but they’re also expensive!

By contrast, content marketing doesn’t have to cost a dime. Take blogging. You can write a high-quality article that ranks on Google and sends large amounts of potential leads to your site without spending anything.

Increased Brand Awareness

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Content marketing enables you to outrank your competition in search engine results pages online. The result?

People looking for legal support in your area are more likely to choose your firm over others! Moreover, through some quirk of psychology, they’ll assume your firm’s better than the competition too. Combine that with the incoming traffic you’re sure to receive and content marketing can have a huge positive impact on your brand.

How to Get Started

Content marketing might seem like a mystery right now! But, like all law firm internet marketing, it’s simpler than you might think. Here’s the basic process:

  1. Understand your audience and the problems they have
  2. Create written, video, and/or audio content that solves their problems (or entertains them somehow)
  3. Optimize the content so it’s more likely to rank (and therefore be found) online
  4. Be patient, keep creating, and watch as the interest in it grows

Does this sound too much like hard work? Don’t worry. You can hire a content marketing agency for law firms to deliver all the results with none of the fuss!

Remember This Guide to Content Marketing for Law Firms

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Content marketing for law firms is a powerful way to generate new leads for your business. Master the processes involved and it shouldn’t be long before you start outranking your competition and reaping the ensuing rewards.

These content marketing tips for law firms should help springboard your lead generation efforts. Trust us, though, there’s a lot more to learn on this important topic! Be sure to browse through our blog to continue your education on it.

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