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Halt | December 6, 2019 | 0 Comments

Five Questions to Ask Your Potential Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you have found yourself hurt as a direct result of doing your job, been involved in a road traffic accident, harmed due to the negligence of somebody else, or simply been victim of an unfortunate accident, there’s no denying that dealing with an injury that shouldn’t have happened to is never a great experience. Injuries that occur through no fault of your own are not just physically painful and uncomfortable; they can cause emotional distress and even lead to financial problems in your life if you’re unable to work and have medical bills to pay. That’s why getting a good personal injury lawyer is so important – with the right professional working alongside you, you can improve your chance of getting the compensation that you deserve for everything you’ve been through so far. 

Here are some important questions to ask before you decide on a potential personal injury lawyer. 

#1. What previous experience do you have?

One of the most important questions that you can ask is about a lawyer’s previous experience. A good lawyer will always be honest with his or her answer, even if that means admitting that they are not as experienced as they could be when it comes to your kind of case. If a lawyer’s past experience isn’t readily offered when you ask, it’s best to tread carefully. 

#2. How qualified are you?

Of course, one of the main factors that you deserve to have some peace of mind with is just how qualified your personal injury lawyer is. Don’t be afraid to ask where your Indianapolis personal injury lawyer went to college and which qualifications they have obtained so far. If they are legit and good at what they do, they’ll probably even have their certificates hanging in the office. 

#3. What’s your plan?

It’s usually time consuming and not all that necessary for you to go through every single move your personal injury lawyer plans to take when it comes to fighting your case, but you should at the very least be given some idea of the plan in place. Even if you trust your lawyer to do the best that they can, make sure that they are willing to keep you informed throughout the process. 

#4. What’s your current workload like?

Enquiring about a personal injury lawyer’s current workload isn’t just a good way to figure out the kind of cases that they normally get hired for – it also helps you determine whether or not you think that they will have the time that you want them to dedicate to your case. Some clients are fine with a lawyer only spending a short amount of time on their case, while others require more. Figure out which one you are before you ask this question. 

#5. How much are your fees?

Finally, make sure that you’re fully aware of any fees and charges to expect before you start working with a personal injury lawyer. And, find out how you’ll be required to pay – for example, will you only be charged if your case is won?

Choosing a good personal injury lawyer can be a daunting process, so ask these questions to help you find the right one.

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