What Questions Should You Ask to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney
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What Questions Should You Ask to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney

In 2015, there were about 93,000 personal injury attorneys in the US.

With so many different personal injury lawyers working in many law firms across the US, finding the best personal injury attorney can be quite a challenge.

It’s almost always essential to use a personal injury attorney if you’ve had an accident. But before settling on which lawyer to use for your accident claim, always ask all the relevant questions.

The best injury lawyer will answer all your questions thoroughly and help you understand your compensation options and legal rights better.

An experienced lawyer has greater odds of getting the right settlement for you and safeguarding your legal rights.

Fortunately, many law firms provide free consultations, so speak to a few lawyers before you make your decision. And to simplify your search, we’ve come up with a list of essential personal injury questions you can ask your potential legal representation.

Go ahead and read more so you’re well informed.

What Kinds of Personal Injury Claims Do You Focus On?

As with any other occupation, working with lawyers who focus on a particular field of law usually results in a better outcome. Make sure the attorney(s) you talk to actually are experienced in dealing with personal injury cases.

However, be warned that some attorneys may claim to handle these kinds of cases. Don’t just believe them. Ask for specifics:

  • How many injury cases have they dealt with? How do they go about their work?
  • Which personal injury cases were like yours?
  • What were the results (wins versus losses, compensation, etc)?

While each case is different, and previous performance doesn’t guarantee results in the future, a solid track record in similar cases is usually a great place to start.

How Many Cases Similar to Mine Have You Dealt With?

Every licensed lawyer may have a decent level of expertise in their respective area(s) of law but experience always distinguishes exceptional lawyers.

Choose an attorney who has handled similar cases in the past. Lawyers will usually have a section on their site with case results so you can access this information easily.

How Long Have You Been a Lawyer?

Always ask your prospective attorney how long they’ve practiced law. You wouldn’t want to end up with an inexperienced attorney because chances are you might lose your case.

What Information Should I Provide During Consultation?

When you go in for a consultation, it’s best to provide your lawyer with as much information as you can.

Your lawyer will look through doctors’ reports, police reports, expert testimonies (if any), and any other info you’ve got, so the more information you come with, the better prepared will be your lawyer.

Will my Case Proceed to Trial? What’s Your Trial Success Rate?

Be wary of any attorneys who soon inform you that your case will settle.

Your injury attorney should expect each case to end up in court and prepare as though your case will be brought before a jury. That way, you’ll be able to negotiate a settlement with the defendant while armed with as many facts as possible.

youryou case goes to trial eventually, you want to ensure that your injury lawyer has won several cases before many a jury.

Will You Deal With My Case or Refer/Delegate it to Someone Else?

You want to ensure that you’re dealing with an attorney who’ll actually be working on your personal injury case. Otherwise, you should consider speaking to somebody else.

For all their qualifications and experience, a lawyer won’t help you much if they aren’t actually handling your case.

How Much Communication Should I Expect In my Case?

You want to know how your case is going. You want frequent updates plus the option to call for extra information. This is your case and you need to be accorded this respect.

How Is My Case Going to Turn Out?

Your attorney should provide you with an honest expectation of your case.

Although he or she can’t give you an exact prediction, there’s no reason they shouldn’t tell you if they believe your case is likely to result in a cash award or settlement.

How Much Do You Charge for Handling my Case?

Most personal injury lawyers will handle cases on a contingency fee basis. This means they only get paid if they can get some kind of compensation.

Most personal injury lawyers charge about a third of whatever they recover. So, if your case settles or you win in court and you get $10,000, your lawyer will get a third of that. This exact amount however is subject to several variables.

How Long Do You Think it’ll Take to Decide This Case?

As time off work and medical bills escalate, it’s often vital to get an idea of how long it’ll take before you receive compensation for your injuries. It’s also essential to find out how long you’re going to be inconvenienced by investigative doctor visits, attending legal proceedings, etc.

There are several factors that’ll affect the length of any trial, so no lawyer can give you an exact duration, but they should give you a rough estimate depending on how long it’s taken to resolve cases like yours in the past.

Have You Ever Been Disciplined or Censured By an Ethics or Legal Committee Before?

Again, most lawyers won’t have been involved in any kind of disciplinary problem, but it can be a huge red flag if they have.

You’ll want to know why they got into trouble as this could affect things such as their ability to represent you effectively, or your money that’s in their trust account, etc.

Can You Provide References From Previous Clients?

Many jurisdictions now permit lawyers to give references from previous clients. References from past clients can give you a good idea of whether they themselves were happy with the lawyer’s performance.

They can also be an information source for the results achieved, the time-frame, and whatever else you expect from your lawyer.

Start Your Search For the Best Personal Injury Attorney Now

Picking a personal injury attorney is a critical decision, so make sure that your decision is an informed one.

If you need extra resources on finding the best personal injury attorney and personal injury law, be sure to explore this blog.


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