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7 Characteristics Of A Good Lawyer

If you are ever in need of an attorney after an accident, personal injury, or injury at work, finding the right professional legal services is essential. The task is easier said than done, of course. There are many things to consider, but what qualities matter most?

We’ve outlined 7 characteristics to look for in an effective lawyer

1. Experience Providing Professional Legal Services

Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer? Maybe you need to file a lawsuit after a car accident, falling in a store, or a work-related injury? Whatever the reason, the experience is one of the most important qualities in an attorney.

Experience is not just about years, either. It’s also knowledge of a specific area of law, such as personal or workplace injuries.

2. Understands State Laws

Every state has different standards. The laws pertaining to employment practices and workers’ compensation in New York may be completely different in Virginia or Colorado.

Laws are continually updated, as well, so your attorney must stay abreast of all new regulations.

3. A Good Bedside Manner

Lawyers have to deal with a lot of people, whether it’s you, other attorneys, judges, or opposing parties. Knowledge of the law won’t do you much good if your attorney puts people off or seems incapable of reading the room.

4. Expert Communicator

The most successful lawyers have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. If your attorney writes bad legal briefs or makes mistakes on documents, good luck winning your case. An attorney also needs to be able to persuade other people to decide the case in your favor.

5. Returns Your Phone Calls

Attorneys must make themselves available to you. That means they return your phone calls in a timely manner. They also need to be available for meetings at your convenience, not theirs.

6. Good Organizational Skills

In many ways, a lawyer is like a project manager. It is the project manager’s job to determine the resources needed for a case, assign people to handle different aspects of it, create a timeline, and manage any problems that might arise.

In other words, being organized is essential for a good attorney.

7. Reasonable Rates

Hiring an attorney can be expensive. Most firms charge by the hour. However, what you pay may depend on the type of case.

Most personal injury claim lawyers represent clients under a contingency fee. This means your lawyer only gets paid if he/she wins the case. The fee is then based on the amount of the settlement you received.

There may also be other costs to cover your lawyer’s expenses, such as court costs and investigations/research.

The Orlow Firm in New York City can answer questions about your case involving a personal injury, car accident, on-the-job injury, or slip and fall. Our number one job is to ensure you get the best settlement possible.

When You Need Legal Assistance

Engaging the right professional legal services is essential if you want a favorable outcome. If you’ve been injured and have medical bills, or you can’t work, you need help to ensure your family will be okay. These 7 factors will give you a guide when speaking to attorneys.

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