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Proven Ways for Law Firm Marketing

There’s no doubt that law firms need digital marketing just like any other business trying to expand its customer base online. In fact, the Covid-9 pandemic pushed many law firms to attorney SEO experts like dNovo Group to help them attract new clients online. With advancements in digital marketing tools for tracking, analytics, and reporting, it’s now easier to track customer behaviour and get invaluable insights into the client’s minds. Let’s dive into some digital marketing approaches that will give your law firm’s website more visibility and traffic.

Begin with Search Engine Optimization

Law firm SEO is nothing new. For the longest time, law firms have been using SEO to get their websites on top of search engine results pages. When combined with content marketing, SEO can help your site rank high on popular search engines like Google in the long term. Maintaining high law firm website rankings will require more than just posting content on your blog. You will need to invest in a proper law firm SEO strategy and stick to it.

Search engine optimization SEO best practices for law firms

Top 2 things Lawyers Can Do to Improve Their SEO

  1. Find the right keywords: The SEO strategy you choose should begin with proper keyword research. The keywords you choose will determine your search engine rankings and the traffic you receive in the long and short term. Use a proper tool to narrow down the keywords to those that will bring relevant traffic from search engine results pages.
  2. Avoid keyword stuffing: Keyword placement is critical as it will determine which pages on your law firm’s website will be favoured in Google SERPs. If you use too many keywords on a single page, your site may not appear on search results since Google algorithms do not find this appealing to the web user. Place relevant keywords within content in such a way that it will remain readable and relevant to users, not in an attempt to manipulate search engines. Technical SEO involves proper keyword selection and placement.
  3. Build links to your law firm website: Link building is such an integral part of any SEO campaign since the number of links to your website is part of the ranking factors Google considers in organic search rankings. High-quality links from credible sources, which are simply relevant websites with a high page authority, will give your law firm website more credibility.
  4. Make sure the site is responsive: Google algorithms also look into factors such as site speed and responsiveness when determining how to rank sites in organic search. Invest in a mobile-friendly website to ensure your users can easily access content regardless of the device they are using. In fact, your legal SEO efforts will not be fruitful if the pages cannot adjust properly on multiple screen sizes.
  5. Measure results of all your SEO efforts: To determine whether the resources you put into law firm marketing have a reasonable ROI, you’ll need to track and monitor the results on a regular basis. There are tools that you can use to measure site traffic and rankings of your top pages. Work with a digital marketing agency to help you evaluate the results of all your efforts so that you can continue doing what works well for your brand.

Embrace Content Marketing

content marketing for law firms

SEO for lawyers, when combined with content marketing, will provide the best results. To get ahead of the competition, you’ll need to develop a strategy that makes it easy for you to publish better and more content consistently. The aim should be to publish new content at least once a week and make sure that what’s shared is unique, relevant and keyword optimized for search engines.

A few rules to follow when creating content for your law firm website include:

  • Ensure content is entertaining, informative, and easy to read.
  • Content should answer questions often asked by potential clients and search users.
  • Content should be structured to make it easier for readers to engage with it.
  • Provide a call to action such as subscription to an email, sharing or commenting after users read the content.
  • Always ensure that content shared is original. You can hire a law firm SEO company to create unique and compelling content for your users.
  • Most importantly, produce and share content that is right for each stage in the conversion funnel. Each piece of content should match your website’s goal.

Improve your Social Media Presence

Have A Presence On Social Media

With almost every law firm going digital, being seen online, including on social media, is the key to success. There are lots of things you can do to improve your social media presence as a law firm. For starters, create business pages across key platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where your target audience is likely to interact with you. When creating your pages, ensure information such as your practice areas, working hours and location are clearly displayed and consistent across the different platforms.

You can use your social media channels to build relationships with potential clients by engaging with them, answering commonly asked questions, or covering hot topics in your community. Avoid using social media as a platform to pitch your services and instead focus on sharing and engaging with the community.


Whatever law firm marketing strategy you employ, ensure that the strategies are integrated across all campaigns and channels. All your marketing efforts need to be coordinated so that you speak the same language to your target audience. Whether you’re focusing on legal SEO, PPC campaigns or social media marketing, you can only achieve true success if all these efforts are well integrated. Speak to a legal marketing agency like dNovo Group on how to achieve this.

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