White-Collar Crimes
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Problems With White-Collar Crimes. How Michael Diaz Jr. Handles Them

Increased population and advanced technologies have led to increased crimes, especially in urban areas. Corporate, financial, and economic fraud is a significant problem affecting many people across the world. These crimes involve theft and fraud, but no violence or physical damage is involved.

The perpetrator affects the businesses and investor’s life through economic loss. Here is essential information on these white-collar crimes and how the top lawyer Michael Diaz Jr. is handling such cases.

Clear insight on White-collar crimes

White-collar crimes encompass a wide range of frauds that affects the economic growth of many businesses. These crimes involve fraudulent acts and illegal financial transactions conducted in a sophisticated way by the perpetrators. These crimes include;

  • Blackmail- these entails asking the affected person for money so as not to disclose private information that could ruin their legacy.
  • Bank fraud- involves that banks overcharging their clients
  • Embezzlement- involves using money assigned for a different project for personal gain.
  • Money laundering- it involves concealment of the origins of money transferred to the bank or in any other legitimate business.
  • Tax evasion- occurs when people fail to pay taxes by not registering their businesses.
  • Forgery- involves creating a new item from another person’s idea.
  • Insider trading- involves a person putting personal interests above those whom he or she owes a fiduciary duty. This crime affects the value of the company’s stocks.
  • Antitrust violations- this crime involves customers being abused through price discrimination or overcharging.
  • Bribery- this involves giving money to someone with power or authority to bend the rules and ensure things are done as per expectations.

What makes White-collar Crimes complicated to handle?

These crimes have become prevalent with the advancement in technology. Many issues make these crime sectors complicated and, at times, challenging to fight for justice. It is difficult to document the extent of the crimes. The investigations Bureau insists on collecting information on only three categories.

Forgery, embezzlement, and fraud are the only crimes documented, which is a problem since many related crimes are affecting a large group of people. All the other white-collar crimes are listed as others. There is a problem since it’s challenging to get the justice that fits the crime.

The justice system recognizes white-collar crimes as a significant problem, but the set laws treat these criminals with lenience. The perpetrators in modern society use advanced technologies such as computers and have gained extensive knowledge to commit complex transactions.

These complex transactions are hard to identify and, therefore, hard to catch the criminals. After transacting, they delete the files leaving no trace of evidence. The reconstruction of these electronic records is difficult and expensive.

How Michael Diaz Jr. Miami Lawyer handles white-collar Crimes

Michael Diaz Jr.is, a renowned lawyer with extensive skills and experience to handle fraudulent crimes and seek justice. He takes time to investigate and find the bottom line of the case to build strong evidence to win the case.

Michael Diaz Jr. Miami Lawyer represents both international and local clients in joint ventures, banking, finance, customs, and domestic sectors. He is reputed with finding justice for his clients through going straight to the point and conducting parallel investigations on complex transactions.

Michael Diaz Jr. advises his clients on what to expect guides them in every justice step to take. He has over three decades of experience, therefore, identifies different white-collar crimes effortlessly by comparing to previous cases. He has won many claims and guarantees to get justice to the affected parties.

White-collar crimes have become a common problem affecting millions across the globe. To find justice, there are devoted and experienced lawyers like Michael Diaz Jr. to ensure the criminals spend time in prisons


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