Combat Counterfeiting
Halt | August 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

3 Practical Tips On How To Combat Counterfeiting

There are many examples of counterfeiting and some are more convincing than others, but they are all illegal acts and potentially damaging to your business whatever the standard of the deception is.

There are often examples of how the law is handling examples of things like counterfeiting to be found across resources like lawalways and it makes sound business sense to try and remain vigilant when it comes to combat counterfeiting.

Here are some tips and strategies to help protect your business from the impact of counterfeiters.

How To Combat Counterfeiting

Education And Teamwork Is Key

Education and teamwork is key

Teamwork across your organization is absolutely essential if you want to maintain a strong defense line against the impact of counterfeiting.

It is important to ensure that everyone within your business is adequately educated about the threat of counterfeiting and how to identify a potential issue.

Depending on the size of your business, you might even have dedicated fraud and legal teams who have primary responsibility for dealing with issues such as this. Even if that is the case, it often helps to eradicate or minimize the problem when everyone takes ownership of the need to protect the integrity of the brand.

Ensure that you have protocols and policies in place that can be implemented by anyone within the organization when a problem is identified.

Implement Enforcement Procedures

Implement enforcement procedures

Any example of counterfeiting that you come across has to be stamped out and the source identified, if possible, so that future attempts to defraud are stamped out.

One of the complex challenges of tackling counterfeiting is that online laws can have blurred lines and search engines can prove to be a lucrative conduit for fraudsters.

As part of your clearly defined strategy for dealing with counterfeiting it is important to constantly monitor search engines and be prepared to implement enforcement action when you spot a problem.

You will discover that some platforms and organizations are more adept and compliant than others when it comes to providing you with the collaboration and enforcement support that is often needed to tackle an example of counterfeiting.

You Will Need To Work Closely With Law Enforcement Agencies

You will need to work closely with law enforcement agencies

In addition to carrying out your own enforcement and warning procedures when you encounter examples of counterfeiting it is imperative that you maintain a close working relationship with official authorities too.

The police, customs officials, and other government bodies, all need the help and collaboration of those that are affected by counterfeiting in order to help eradicate the source of the problem.

As you would expect, international copyright and trademark laws can vary greatly across borders and you may well struggle to initiate any sort of enforcement action without the close cooperation of law enforcement agencies.

Your ultimate goal should be to protect not only the integrity of your brand but also to ensure that your customers are not impacted by the actions of these fraudsters. Safety standards on counterfeit products can sometimes be non-existent, for example, which is just one reason why these illegal activities need to be stamped out.

You can do your bit to help combat counterfeiting and help maintain the integrity of your business and brand at the same time.

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