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Post-Riot Liabilities: Who Pays For The Damage?

News of the nationwide riots are as heart-breaking as they are fear-inducing. Riots are violent and destructive, and there is usually unlawful behavior. The most difficult thing to stomach in all this is the fact that the people who are harmed during riots are innocent. And, as we all know, harm is not limited to physical harm. People are losing their livelihoods, their means of income, and some are even losing their homes.

Now that the picture has been established, it’s easy to see that people want to know who should pay for the damages after a riot. When the innocent people are left to pick up the pieces, who’s left to pick these people up?


As you might expect, you’re going to want to confront the very people who caused the injury and damage to your property. The only problem here is that it’s difficult to identify suspects amidst the chaos of a riot. Even when a claimant has surveillance footage, it might be difficult to recover damages, given the fact that rioters are often people who are at a financial disadvantage.

Nevertheless, being penniless does not automatically mean that compensation cannot be collected from the at-fault party. You can still hold rioters liable for the damage to your property, and especially for causing you physical harm since the court merely determines whether a defendant is indebted to the claimant, and not how the defendant may settle that debt owed.

In case the defendant cannot pay, the debt may be settled through other assets such as property and insurance. It’s during situations like this when you need experienced personal injury lawyers like the ones at Tario & Associates.

Insurance Companies

If your insurance policy covers riot damage, then the very first source for relief should come from your insurance company. A person injured on someone’s property may also seek relief from the insurance company of the owner of the property. The same also applies to owners of vehicles damaged during a riot.

Private Organizations

There are some cases where private groups step up in order to fill the vacuum between recovery options and the people who need help in order to set themselves up again. Charitable organizations are almost always willing to help, but the limitation lies in the fact that their resources are often limited and they usually only help those who are in the worst condition after a riot. It should be noted, however, that this is more of a matter of chance rather than a set course of action.


Finally, the government might also be able to provide you with some relief. The reason that the government is last on the list is because not every state has a riot relief fund, and even with the existence of such, they are not obliged to dole out payments to people affected by the riots. Furthermore, if your state does not offer to disburse funds to those who have suffered damages during a riot, it should be presumed that there are no other available government options.

Riots are some of the worst things that can happen in a community. It is the complete opposite of law and order, and it is anathema to all things we, law-abiding citizens hold dear. If you’ve been affected by these riots, you need to try to get help from any available sources.


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