Physical Therapy
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Physical Therapy and Legality of Muscles and Ligaments

The treatment of any disease should be not only effective but also as safe as possible, without unpleasant consequences and side effects. “Do no harm” – this is exactly the principle on which all modern medical techniques are based. One of the long-known and absolutely safe techniques include Physical Therapy. The main feature, or rather, the advantage of the technique, is that such a course of treatment excludes the use of chemical and pharmaceutical preparations.

The name Physical Therapy itself suggests that treatment is carried out using physical factors. There are many such physical factors like ultrasound, currents, laser, magnetic field, various types of radiation (ultraviolet, infrared), massage and others. So, physiotherapy has a big plus – high efficiency combined with the safety of use.

We keep hearing about sportsmen getting physical therapy to alleviate pains resulting from an injury. But did you ever wonder what exactly do the physiotherapists do to heal the severed ligament or a muscle injury?

The human body has more than 600 muscles that constitute approximately 40% of our body weight. Accidents can happen anytime and if you engage in sports of some kind, muscles, and ligament, injuries are quite commonplace even if you are into non-competitive sports.

Overloading or overtraining are frequent situations that can lead to possible injury. We must not forget that whenever we do physical activity, we are subjecting our body to a high level of stress, which can play against us.

If you are struggling with any motion issue or even chronic pain, Physical Therapy can benefit you. A physician may recommend Physical Therapy to help you recover from your injury or pain. Listed below are some of the benefits you can expect from a Physical Therapy treatment from reputed physical therapy clinics:

Improved Mobility

Physical Therapy treatment can help with building strength to walk and stand. With the help of some specific exercises, muscles are stretched and strengthened, increasing flexibility and enhancing coordination.

Injury Recovery

Sprains and fractures are two typical injuries that can be included in sports injuries. Recovery from such an injury is a lengthy process. Houston Physical Therapy specialists teach specific movements that help strengthen the injured areas. 


When you are suffering from a sprain, your physician may utilize a number of physiotherapy procedures. But most often, traumatologists prescribe patients magnetotherapy. And it is no coincidence: the analgesic, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory effects of magnetotherapy for sprain of ligaments have long been known and proven by the results of several medical studies.

Post-Surgical Recovery

People who have undergone any kind of surgery know very well that recovery post-surgery involves letting the body heal and slowly build coordination and strength once more. Specific exercises as recommended by the physician can assist with the post-surgical recovery, targeting those particular areas that have to heal. 


We thus see that Physical Therapy can be an excellent way to heal injured muscles and ligaments and it is a completely non-invasive treatment.  However, it is very important for you to be consistent and complete the sessions as recommended by your therapist.

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