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Can I Sue a Pharmaceutical Company?

Over 4.5 million people every year suffer from adverse side effects of medications. These side effects can result in serious, debilitating effects or even death.

Who holds responsibility for these types of negative reactions? Is there any legal pathway to take for you or a loved one if this happens?

It is important that you understand your legal rights about bringing a pharmaceutical lawsuit to court.

Here is the quick guide that you need if you suffered from serious side effects while taking medications and want to sue a pharmaceutical company.

What Does the Supreme Court Say?

In 2013, the Supreme Court made a ruling that declared an individual can no longer sue a pharmaceutical company once a drug has been approved by the FDA. This is even if a drug is found to harm the users of the medication.

Before 2013, individuals were allowed to sue pharmaceutical companies.

Class action lawsuits against pharmacies or medical offices are still allowed. This is if you feel as if you were prescribed the wrong medication that had severe negative effects.

Can You Still Recover Damages?

Yes. There are still a variety of ways that you can recover damages if you suffer serious side effects.

Product liability cases are useful when there has been a design defect, manufacturing defect, or label defect.

Medical malpractice suits can be brought when you can prove if there was serious negligence from the medical office that prescribed you a medication that caused harmful side effects.

If you plan to sue for negative side effects, you need a good, experienced lawyer by your side to represent you. Each state has different medical malpractice laws and class action lawsuit requirements.

What Are Common Medications in Pharmaceutical Lawsuits?

What Are Common Medications in Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

You can research some of the common medications that have had the most pharmaceutical lawsuits brought against them.

These change over time as more and more people suffer side effects. It is important to continually be aware of any of the medications you take have been recalled or have a number of lawsuits pending.

For example, medication Zantac has led to many problems. If you have ever taken Zantac for stomach ulcers, heartburn, or other stomach problems, you may have a viable claim.

Previous Zantac users should reach out for legal help to recoup monetary damages. Visit to get assistance today if you or a loved one has experienced serious issues when using Zantac.

Learn More About Pharmaceutical Lawsuits Today

Bringing a pharmaceutical lawsuit against a medical office or pharmacy can be a tricky business. The laws can seem complicated enough on their own, without already dealing with the pain of serious medical side effects or the loss of a loved one.

However, with the right legal assistance by your side, you can overcome and recover your rightful damages.

Want to learn more? Take the time to research the rights you have and the necessary steps to take during a class action pharmaceutical lawsuit. In the meantime, keep exploring our blog for the timely legal advice you need.

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