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Attorney Questions: 5 Personal Injury Questions to Ask Your Attorney

Over 39 million Americans visit the doctor for accidental injuries every year. The offending party should compensate a victim for medical bills and damages

Do you have personal injury questions that a skilled lawyer can answer?

It’s crucial to know if your lawyer can adequately assist you in gaining compensation. Ask these questions and properly vet an attorney.

1. What is Your Specialization?

Before diving into deeper questions, ask an attorney if they specialize in personal injury. You don’t want to show up to court with an estate planning lawyer representing you.

Firms and attorneys will specialize in a few areas to bring in more business, but your lawyer should have a majority of their cases revolve around personal injury.

2. Have You Had a Case Like Mine?

Even if a firm handles personal injury cases, everyone’s situation is different. During the consultation, a lawyer reviews the highlights of your situation to form an understanding.

Ask them if they’ve worked on a case similar to yours. Did they win or lose? With a small amount of information, they should tell you their strategy for winning a case.

3. Who Will Work the Case?

Just because your consultation is with a partner doesn’t always mean they’ll work the case. Most attorneys are extremely competent, but you may feel more comfortable with the person who consults you.

In other cases, you will feel better knowing a firm will throw the entire weight of their team behind you. If you have a lot of lawyers in your corner, they can cover smaller details.

These car accident lawyers are dedicated to you from consultation to verdict or settlement.

4. Do I Need to Do Anything?

Your participation is vital. While a lawyer’s skill is discovering the facts, the injury happened to you. The law firm may ask you to collect receipts, text messages, or any other information that could help prove your case.

It’s rare for a lawyer to tell you to sit on your hands. Be wary of a lawyer who doesn’t want your involvement. Serious attorneys know your help is crucial.

If you’ve been severely injured or incapacitated, employ the help of someone you trust to help you dig up facts and evidence to hand over to a lawyer.

5. How Much Does This Cost?

A lot of law firms won’t accept payment unless they win. This helps build their reputation in the community. Instead, they’ll take a chunk of the settlement money.

However, some fees and extra costs need to be paid before a verdict or settlement. Ask an attorney what costs are out of pocket to properly budget.

Personal Injury Questions Mean Everything

Getting hurt is a scary and intimidating time. Personal injury questions mean everything for the case. How a lawyer answers these questions might factor in winning or losing your case.

Don’t let the compensation and justice that you deserve evade you by having poor legal representation.

There are other factors in finding the best lawyer for your case. Keep educating yourself to know what to look for in a firm. Check out our blog to learn more about finding the right attorney for you!


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