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Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS

Tort is any action or act of omission that causes harm or injury to a person which is regarded as civil wrong. This covers situations where anyone or group of persons is injured psychologically or physically due to an act of negligence by an individual, company, government agency or any type of organization. This infraction if pursued in a law court can cause the responsible party to be imposed with liability as the court sees fit.

A personal injury lawyer is a legal practitioner that provides legal expertise for the pursuit of justice for anyone at the receiving end of a tort. Examples of cases where personal injury can be claimed include road accidents, injuries sustained on the job, slips and falls on a property that’s caused by negligence of the owner and also malpractice by professionals (e.g. mismanagement/misdiagnosing of patients).

Every state in the country recognizes tort law; however, there are slight variations from state to state. This is therefore why you need a lawyer that is licensed to practise in the state or region where the tort was inflicted.

In this article, we would discuss briefly why you need a personal injury lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS

Reasons for Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer In Hattiesburg, MS

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Trial lawyers as they are also referred to work not only for the plaintiff (the one on whom the injury was inflicted) but also for the defendant (the one that is accused of inflicting the injury).  So we would discuss this point under two subheadings; for the plaintiff and for the defendant.

Why Plaintiffs Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Plaintiffs need a trial attorney for the following reasons:-

  • Most individuals do not know how to prove that they were victims of another’s negligence or even malicious intent. A trained legal practitioner however, knows how to gather evidence that shows that indeed the plaintiff is well within their right to seek compensation.
  • Sometimes the person that inflicted the damage (also known as tortfeasor) might accept liability.  However, no tortfeasor just coughs out compensation without a fight. They would always seek for ways to reduce the compensation by claiming contributory negligence. An example is in a case of auto accident; the insurance company that’s to pay out the compensation may claim that the injured driver was over-speeding.  In this case, an attorney is better equipped to fight this claim and get the right compensation for the plaintiff. Check out this article on how to file an auto insurance claim.
  • A personal injury lawyer would always help their client get a higher compensation than they would have gotten without representation.
  • A legal practitioner understands the legal terrain better than a layperson. Therefore they know how to strategize to ensure that their clients get commensurate compensation. In some cases, they may advise clients to drop a suit because it wouldn’t fly in the court of law. When that happens, the individual or group of persons would save time and money that would have been spent pursuing a futile case.

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Why Defendants Needs a Personal Injury Lawyer

Defendants need legal representation for the following reasons:-

  • This legal practitioner knows the ins and outs of the law and may help you find loopholes that can be explored. In most cases, they work hard to settle the case out of court. But if it gets to court, they would fight to minimize the damages you have to pay.
  • There are cases where the penalty for a personal injury might be a jail term or suspension of license (maybe driver’s license or license to practise). A personal injury lawyer can save a defendant from jail time or get a reduced judgment.
  • In a situation where the defendant feels that the plaintiff is making a wrong claim, a lawyer can help provide evidence to throw the case out of court. Some people have been known to make malicious claims against others; a seasoned trial lawyer can help dig out the truth.

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From all that we have discussed, it is evident that both the accused and the claimant need legal representation. Having established that, it is important that you look for a seasoned lawyer. Click on this link to find out what to look out for in a personal injury lawyer:

When you find a good lawyer, ensure that you are honest with the person; that is the only way that you would get proper representation. Bear in mind that the lawyer should be licensed to practise in the state where the suit is being pursued. So if you live in Hattiesburg, MS, consult with lawyers in the region for the best results.

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