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Personal Injury During a Riot? Where Can You Look for Relief?

With the number of riots plaguing the U.S., injuries can happen at every corner. It is a given fact that once you go out there and expose yourself, there is a risk that you would get hurt. If you get hurt – despite the fact that you may even be wearing something like these body armor plate(s) for protection – and your injuries cause you pain and suffering in addition to lost wages, who do you blame? Do you have the right to file for lawsuits? Or will it be held against you for going out during a dangerous time? Who shoulders the costs?

Here are some entities that should be held responsible for damages

Insurance Providers

With what is going on, it is now apparent how vital insurance protection is. Businesses who may have damages to their properties or injured employees due to riots can file a claim with their insurance provider. Individuals who may have been injured within the property of an insured individual can also claim from insurance providers. For motorists who may have damaged cars due to riots, they can also get some relief from their insurance companies.

However, you should understand that not all insurance companies are willing to pay up. They can always counter and argue the coverage. Specifically, for instance, a business owner failed to include theft in their coverage or property owners did not take precautionary measures to make their property safe. In some cases, insurance companies have clauses that stipulate that their overage does not include any damages or injuries following any civil unrest.

Riot Participants

While you can file a personal injury claim from rioters as mandated by law, it is often difficult to do so because it is hard to identify the perpetrators during a riot. Your best bet is if someone within the vicinity of the riot can provide you with a security video of the event. However, filing a claim against a rioter often fails to get a full recovery as many riot participants do not have the capacity to pay for damages.

If and when you choose to seek recovery from rioters, you would have to work with police officers as they are the ones who can provide you with any additional evidence that you might need to pursue your case. Additionally, if the state decides to file a lawsuit against the individual, those victimized by the rioter’s actions can receive restitution.

You can also file a personal civil lawsuit against the rioter. If this is the route that you want to take, then working with a personal injury law firm like Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. is a must. Lawyers are crucial for determining the theories for the lawsuit, which would depend on the circumstance, such as whether the personal injury was due to an attack or due to a break-in during the riot.


You can also file your case against the government, but the idea is often far-fetched, as the government is not, in any way, obliged to grant riot relief since not every state has their own riot relief fund.

Charitable and Private Organizations

It is not uncommon to see various organizations providing relief to rioters. Often, these organizations would help people with injuries due to a riot. However, since they would deal with several individuals, their capacity has limitations, as well and would only reserve their relief to those who most need their help.

Riots are synonymous with chaos. One can expect to have injuries when you join riots. If you are planning to go out and join a protest, make sure that you keep yourself safe from any harm. There are tons of peaceful demonstrations where you can make your voice heard.


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