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Halt | January 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

Personal Injuries During the Pandemic: What You Need to Do

The global pandemic brought about a significant disruption when it comes to how people go about their lives. For instance, in the past, it was quite effortless to schedule in-person doctor appointments or even head to the emergency room for immediate treatment. However, because of the immense number of cases being treated with COVID-19, as well as for your health safety and protection, going to a clinic or hospital may not be viable when you get injured. This article tackles what you can do when you experience unfortunate personal injuries in this time of the global pandemic.

Here Are The Steps

Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy

One of the primary things that you need to do in case you suffer any personal injury is to check your insurance policy. From there, you will have a good idea of whether they have adjusted their processes to be adaptable to the new normal that needs to be practiced because of the global pandemic. In this case, check whether they now cover remote treatment because if your insurance provider gives you this option, then make sure to avail of it.

Remote Treatment

After checking with your insurance provider, the next thing that you need to do is to have yourself treated for your injuries, even if you deem that what you have sustained is insignificant. According to seasoned Chicago lawyers, the reason behind this is that your injuries may not be apparent until after a couple of days or even weeks after the incident, which is why it is necessary that you still have yourself checked. The diagnosis of the medical professional will prove to be a substantial piece of evidence to support your claim later on.

In-person Visit or ER Services

In case a remote treatment is not covered by your insurance provider, make sure to still consult with a medical professional either by scheduling an in-person consultation or going directly to the ER. Rest assured that healthcare professionals employ stringent measures to mitigate the spread of the virus in their facilities. All you need is to adhere to their safety protocols to ensure that you will not be contracting the virus during your visit.


Because of the inconvenience of having to go through a personal injury claim, you may be tempted to agree to an initial settlement that is presented to you. While this will instantly relieve you of your worries, in the long run, your claim may prove to be insufficient to cover your losses and help you achieve total recovery.


Even in this trying time, you still need to ensure that you get the proper treatment that you need to address your personal injuries. In this case, make sure to check your insurance policy to find out whether remote treatments can be covered. Otherwise, you may need to gather ample courage for an in-person visit or even an emergency service. Just keep in mind to be careful in agreeing to an immediate settlement because of the inconvenience of having to go through the rigorous process of a personal injury claim, particularly in this time of the pandemic when movement is limited.