Personal Injuries And Punitive Damages
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What Is The Difference Between Compensation For Personal Injuries And Punitive Damages?

Once the damage is done, it cannot be taken back. Whether inflicted on a victim wrongfully or due to someone’s negligence. From a legal perspective, filing claims for damages borne by the inflicted is the only pragmatic solution to ease the constraints one faces in such situations. Now, possible claims that one can file after an accident that causes the victim’s personal injury and harm are countless. Among these numerous legal provisions, there are two distinct types of claims relevant for discussion here. These are claims for a) Personal Injuries and b) Punitive Damages.

There is a thin line of difference between both these legal provisions. In the entire region of the United States, the law provides compensation for the pain and suffering endured by the plaintiff during the accident. Usually, the jury awards the victim any of the two types of damages; compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages or otherwise known damages for personal injury is a clause designed explicitly to impart justice to the victim after they have done any wrongful act. On the other hand, punitive damages are damages that forbid the wrongdoers from committing such malice again. The Brown Firm Injury Lawyers are some experts who have adequate knowledge in the matter.

Personal Injuries Vs. Punitive Damages – Understanding The Terminologies

The reason why we feel it necessary to talk about the differences between punitive damages and personal injuries is that both of them have a common focal point. Both these legal terms are similar in their application regarding any case involving personal injury. For instance, both these damages can be claimed only after an incident has occurred. However, the nature of these claims for damages depends on the nature of the incident itself. In Georgia, leading law firms like The Brown Firm Injury Lawyers to work with their clients on only these two kinds of court settlements, which their clients are bound to get.

1. Claims For Personal Injuries

Personal injuries, by definition, mean those injuries that are sustained by an individual at the time of an accident. Such types of damages can be a result of someone’s negligence or irresponsible conduct, as a result of which the victim has no choice but to file a lawsuit to recover the damages sustained by them during this mishap. If you are in Georgia, and you are involuntarily involved in a personal injury case, be sure to ring up an astute attorney from the team of The Brown Firm Injury Lawyers to have a sound understanding of your legal position.

  • Compensation For Personal Injuries

Claims for personal injuries are synonymous with compensatory damages. Hence, these damages are awarded to the plaintiff/victim for compensating or reimbursing them for the various economic and non-economic costs borne by them. These include medical expenses, loss of wages and time, pain and suffering, including future costs and property damages. In certain aggravated circumstances, the jury might award you damages for your emotional distress, loss of work due to physical disfigurements, etc. In Georgia, remember to stay in contact with The Brown Firm Injury Lawyers, as they can work with a dedication for you with their unmatched services!

2. Claims For Punitive Damages

By definition, punitive damages are damages that the defendant is liable to pay the plaintiff in addition to having paid for the compensatory damages. By nature, such damages are a legal clause used in the rarest of the rare case. The main objective behind the court to award such injuries is not to indemnify the plaintiffs for their damages, but to hold the guilty strictly responsible for their brutal and atrocious deliberate conduct, assuring that they do not dare to commit such an atrocity again. There are ample lawyers in Georgia working to ensure their clients are highly compensated for their losses in personal injury cases. The finest among them are The Brown Firm Injury Lawyers!

  • Compensation For Punitive Damages

Punitive damages can only be awarded to an individual when the seemingly abrasive misconduct by the defendant is proved in court. These are also known as ‘exemplary damages.’ In more simple words, this is a punishment for an offender’s negligence. However, the award for these damages is capped at three times the amount received as compensatory damages in the US in most cases. Finally, The Brown Firm Injury Lawyers should inform you that procuring these damages isn’t easy as it sounds, as these are exhaustively assessed and reviewed by the court.

Sailing The Same Boat – Twin Damages!

Having gone through the entire passage above, you might now be finding it more comfortable to comprehend the difference between these two distinct types of damages. To make it easier for you, let’s say that damages can be categorized into different types depending on the seriousness of the injury. While personal injury damages are compensations for the actual real damages inflicted upon the individual, punitive damages are a stricter version of the damages that can not be seen but can only be felt. Punitive damages are rare, and courts award them only when compensatory damages don’t suffice for the loss. Again, this depends on the seriousness of the affliction.

While claiming compensation for personal injury damages can be easy if you have a respectable and understanding lawyer to represent your case, procuring punitive damages can entirely depend on the type of your case and would require a stringent legal assessment. Therefore it is suggested you hire The Brown Firm Injury Lawyers to boldly represent your legal interests!

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