Car accident law
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Take Control Of Your Own Safety With Car Accident Law In Orange County

A car accident can change your life and ruin it forever. Who knows, you may have to stop work, you may have to spend hours and days talking to the cops or to your insurance company.

For some people, the situation is made even worse because they try to sort things out on their own. You may battle to prove the other party’s liability, you may wonder if you’ll ever see a favorable settlement, you may have forgotten to take photos of the accident and you may have forgotten to take down the names of possible witnesses.

All you need to know about Car Accident Law

Who to talk to first

You may even have blurted out a few words at the scene of the accident such as ‘it was all my fault’ and these words are coming back to haunt you. Before you start talking to anyone at the car insurance company, talk to your good Orange County auto accident attorney.

Car accidents seem to be more rife in Orange County as there are many roads that cater to a particularly high rate of traffic. This is because Orange County is such a tourist region and there are always many visitors unfamiliar with the roads.

Orange County is known for its Disneyland Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm and it’s popular surfing beaches. It’s also known for its amazing Ortega Highway, one of the most scenic roads in Southern California and also one of the most dangerous.

One of the most ignored car accident law offenses is using your cell phone while driving and if you’re driving without a hands-free connection, you’re in violation of the law.

Award-winning lawyers can be your healer

Seeking out the help of a lawyer can be a healing process for you. It will be well worth it because with more than 39 years of experience and having raked in many attorney awards, Timothy J Ryan & Associated have a massive success rate in getting compensation for your injuries and losses.

They know how to strengthen your case. They’re able to tackle that massive amount of paperwork. They work with all the details such as police reports, photos and video footage to build a strong case. One of the biggest perks is dealing with the insurance company on the client’s behalf as their car accident lawyers will liaise with insurance adjusters to ensure you get the maximum compensation.

Come right quicker with the right help

Car accident claims can be just another calamity after an accident. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, and you’re getting sick at the thought of all that is required of you as well as lost income and emotional stress, contact leading Orange County attorneys. That is the first step in the right direction – to take control of your life after a horrendous car accident.

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