Online Divorce
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Online Divorce in Utah | How to Get Divorce Papers Online

Online divorce is gaining popularity in the state of Utah as well as nationwide. However, to evaluate the benefits of this divorce option, it is important to understand what it means and who it best suits.

Let’s start from the beginning

Basics of the Uncontested Divorce

When it comes to the divorce process, there are two main categories – contested and uncontested. A contested divorce means that the spouses go to trial, participate in litigation, and then the judge resolves their disputes at the court’s discretion according to the law.

Although any American citizen is eligible to proceed without a lawyer, it is hardly possible to win the case when faced up against a qualified attorney on the  opposite side. After all, if the spouse wants to contest the claim in court, it is logical to assume that he or she will do everything possible to win and will hire a specialist to protect their interests. So, in a contested divorce, it is typically essential to have an experienced lawyer on your side to represent you and your interests. Such proceedings can take months, and since attorneys charge hourly fees that range from $100 to $600 or more, the process can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars.

On the contrary, an uncontested divorce usually turns out to be much more affordable and quicker, and that is what makes it so attractive to most divorcing couples in Utah. However, in an uncontested divorce, the spouses themselves hold more responsibility for the outcome of the case. To avoid litigation, the parties have to negotiate and resolve their differences out-of-court. They have to create and sign a Settlement Agreement, as well as a Parenting Plan (if they have underage children), and submit them to the court along with the other divorce documents. An uncontested divorce in Utah can be organized either with legal assistance or not. Such a procedure does not involve court battles, but oftentimes help with paperwork may still be needed.

Nowadays, most divorce cases in Utah are settled out of court. Only about 8% of divorce cases go to trial.

Not surprisingly, within this trend of choosing an amicable divorce, a search for the most straightforward, inexpensive, and time-efficient solutions is underway. This quest leads divorcing couples to options such as divorce counseling, coaching, and online divorce. Each of these popular options can complement an uncontested divorce by assisting in some way with the necessary steps of the divorce proceedings established by Utah family law.

For example, divorce counseling assists the couple with handling their emotions so that the can sit down and work together on reaching a Settlement Agreement, a divorce coach can help with specific roadblocks in the divorce from finances to co-parenting issues, and an online divorce company can take care of the paperwork.

Couples looking for the cheapest option can choose a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce. This means that the spouses do not seek any aid and go through the divorce process on their own. They have to:

  • prepare all the required divorce papers;
  • fill them out correctly, notarize and file with the proper court;
  • wait 90 days after filing a divorce petition (this waiting period is mandatory);
  • and attend a brief final hearing, where the judge considers the couple’s documents and arrangements and can issue a divorce decree.

How Online Divorce Works

Do-it-yourself divorce can be a good option for spouses whose case is quite simple. It is typically recommended for those couples who do not have minor children and/or assets to divide in a divorce. But even in a simple uncontested divorce, paperwork can be quite tricky. That is where online divorce comes into play.

Online divorce in Utah is an entirely legitimate way to prepare for an uncontested divorce. The words “to prepare” are used because it is essential to understand that it is impossible to get a divorce over the internet without some interaction with the local court in Utah. Using online divorce services does not change the fact that the court has to approve the divorce papers, and only the judge can sign a final divorce decree. However, online divorce is an excellent bargain for anyone who wants to proceed without an attorney but is unconfident in their ability to organize a DIY divorce without some assistance. Find more about online divorce in Utah here:

Thus, the target audience of online divorce services is the majority of divorcing couples. In essence, it is those who want to avoid litigation and are ready to resolve their disputes out-of-court but do not feel qualified (or are just not ready) for a do-it-yourself divorce.

Online divorce means the online preparation of all the required divorce paperwork in the shortest terms (usually, about a couple of days) and at a price significantly lower than the flat fees charged by a lawyer for an uncontested case.

All that you have to do to use this service is to log into the site and provide some details concerning the circumstances of your case. Since each divorce is unique, the specifics of your case will determine which divorce forms are necessary and how they should be completed. A trusted online divorce service always takes into account all the peculiarities, as well as the Utah Code and county regulations when selecting the proper forms.

After getting all the needed data, the system adjusts the divorce paperwork for your case, and the site’s specialists review the completed forms. Within a couple of days, the client receives the ready divorce paperwork kit via email. The last step is to file for divorce.

It is important to also know that, contrary to popular belief, you can use online divorce services whether you have children or not and whether you are going to resolve financial issues in a divorce or not. This makes online divorce a true compromise between an attorney-assisted separation and a DIY divorce.

You can complete any required divorce form online and be sure that the court will approve it with no hassle.

There is no need to overpay lawyers, no need to waste time on learning state laws peculiarities, no need to go to the clerk’s office to pick up forms, and no need to sort out the documents. Online divorce is an all-in-one solution for uncontested cases, and it is affordable. The price for online divorce is typically about $140 per case (which covers both spouses). The flat fee of an attorney to perform the same services for a simple divorce case starts at $700 in Utah.

To sum it all up, online divorce is a document preparation tool, which can be used in your divorce process along with mediation or counseling, to relieve you from annoying bureaucracy, save you time and money, and help you to arrange a peaceful separation without undue stress and conflicts.

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