Obtaining a License to Practice Law
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Obtaining a License to Practice Law in the United Kingdom

Obtaining a License to Practice LawIt is currently estimated that there are more than 156,000 professionals across the United Kingdom who practice some form of law. Not only is this an extremely rewarding profession, but a qualified lawyer is always in high demand. However, what if you live in a foreign country and wish to pursue a law degree in the UK? What preliminary steps should be taken and is there any advice that will come in handy along the way?

Tips to Get a License to Practice Law

Let us take a quick look at what the experts have to say.

Obtain a Firm Grasp on the English Language

English Legal Language

Note that the majority of certification courses needed to become a lawyer will require that you know a relatively advanced level of English (especially when dealing with complicated legal terminology). If you have yet to master more complicated phrases, it is crucial to obtain professional help. One powerful suggestion is to leverage the expertise of an online tutor who specializes in conversational English classes. These sessions can be scheduled around your convenience and you will be able to take advantage of dealing directly with a native speaker. Thus, you will be quite prepared for what any subsequent legal courses may entail.

Preliminary Qualifications

Looking to Become a Lawyer?

Let’s assume that you have obtained a working knowledge of the English language. You will then need to meet several additional criteria. These include:

  • Obtaining an undergraduate degree.
  • Subsequently possessing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science.
  • Attending a one-year Legal Practise Course (LPC) in order to learn the basics of practicing law.

Finally, it is important to obtain practical and real-world experience. This often comes in the form of interning at a law firm. Such hands-on training will provide you with an invaluable edge when starting your own profession. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to make valuable contacts within the professional community.

How Long Will it Take to Become a Lawyer?

How Long Will it Take to Become a Lawyer

The answer to this question will involve several scenarios. Perhaps the most relevant involves your schedule. Keep in mind that many individuals who wish to pursue a degree in law do so on a part-time basis. This arises from the fact that attending university can be somewhat expensive (depending upon the institution). Furthermore, part-time studies will enable you to appreciate the intricacies of the legal profession; particularly if you are simultaneously studying English as a second language.

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for those who are passionate about the law. Let’s also remember that obtaining a legal degree within the United Kingdom can open up a world of additional possibilities if you wish to travel abroad sometime in the future. Having said this, expect to spend between five and six years studying before you are allowed to practice.

The main point is that becoming a lawyer will require a significant personal and professional commitment. However, your initial efforts will be rewarded from a long-term perspective. Be sure to check out official websites across the United Kingdom to better appreciate what to expect during your journey.


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