No-Fault Accident
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No-Fault Accident – Should You Hire a Lawyer?

If you have just been in a no-fault accident and you are debating whether or not to hire an attorney, then this article is perfect for you. In the next paragraphs, you will know what a no-fault accident is, what to do after, and if and when you need to hire a lawyer for your accident claim.

No-Fault Accident 101

Just like its name suggests, a no-fault car accident is an accident where you are not the one at fault. The accident did not happen as a result of your negligence or misconduct. If proven innocent, the driver who was not guilty of the charges will not have this accident go on his record and will not have his insurance be affected by it. When deciding whether or not to hire a lawyer to help you with your no-fault accident claim depends on many things.

Assessing the Damages

Living through a car accident, especially when you were not at fault, can be traumatizing. Nonetheless, if you want to make sure that this accident will not impact your life negatively more than it had already done, then you have to be quick in assessing the damages and claiming your compensation.

If the accident did not result in bodily injuries, someone hit your car while parked, or they bumped into it while driving at a very low speed. In this case, the chances are that you do not really need a lawyer. Even with minor injuries that only take a few days to heal, a lawyer might not be of great importance. If the only costs you have to recover are for repairing your vehicle, maybe even for some medication, then you are probably better off settling it with the insurance company alone, without asking for help from a lawyer.

Check With Your Doctor

For minor injuries, you want to make sure you consult with your doctor first before deciding whether or not to hire an attorney. This is important because many times, the effects of an injury might take days, weeks, and even months before they appear. Only after your doctor has confirmed that you are free from any potential damages that might appear later on can you decide to proceed further alone.

Know Your State and Country’s Laws

The next instance when you can continue with your claim without the help of a lawyer is when you know your state and your country’s laws and regulations. This is applicable in far fewer cases, given the fact that the rules can differ so much from one state to another, especially when the accident happened in a different state than the one you live in, but it is still an option.

You Are Happy With Your Compensation

Lastly, if you are happy with the settlement money offered by the insurance company, then you do not need to hire a lawyer. Even if the amount is smaller than expected when you consider the time and the money you would otherwise have to invest by yourself, accepting the settlement and giving up on the claim might save you a lot of stress.

Finally, if all the above applies to you, then you can go on about your no-fault accident without the help of a lawyer. But if you want to be sure, you can always call and discuss your accident claim before moving any further.

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