Personal Injury Case
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What You Need To Gather To Win Your Personal Injury Case

One of the most stressful experiences you could go through is suffering because of someone else’s mistake and dealing with the horrendous consequences, all the while having to spread yourself thin in courtrooms just to get your claim rejected. What’s even worse is knowing you have been wronged, yet failing to prove it because, while trying to compose yourself mid-disaster, you forgot to gather evidence. Luckily, knowing what proof you need to gather and why you need it can help you greatly when it comes to building a strong personal injury case.

Read on to learn what evidence you need to collect to win your claim


While having pictures as evidence can bring you a powerful win in court, we understand that this isn’t always possible. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident where you were alone in the car and uninjured, getting out and taking pictures is much easier than it would be with an injured friend or family member in the passenger seat. So, with respect to the situation and your priorities, if you can, get out your phone and take pictures of the whole scene, the cause of the injury or accident, the damages done to your vehicle or yourself, and the license plates if it is a motor vehicle. Make sure the photos aren’t blurry and that they aren’t too close to the subject because you need to prove that the accident truly happened. While details are important, the setting and context is the one critical factor that will make your photos believable.

Written Details

Having a written account of what happened is vital for any personal injury claim. It helps if you write the exact date, time, and place where the incident took place. Then, proceed with recording as many details as possible about what happened. Creating a report with full details, according to the law offices of Pius Joseph in Pasadena, California, allows your lawyer to work all the angles of your case while you focus on your recovery. Keep in mind that when in shock, the mind tends to not register certain things, which is why it is important to record all the details as soon as you can. If it is impossible to write, you can make a voice recording with the details you need to remember and write your report at a later time.

Witness Accounts

If your injury happened to take place in front of people, don’t hesitate to walk up to them and ask for their statements. Being a third party, witnesses are seen by the court and the members of the jury as a neutral party. Ask them for their names and phone numbers, then write their statement down and make sure they sign it. When you present the evidence to your lawyer, they’d know who to call if they need to support your claim. Most of the time, having a witness show the truth can be enough to win you the case. Although, you must pick a witness with no interest in you winning so that the jury takes into account the fact that they’re unbiased.


Records of the financial loss you’ve suffered as a result of your injury should always be kept in mind when collecting evidence. For one, they determine how big of a settlement you’ll get which is important because medical expenses will be too much to handle. In addition, medical bills act as proof of physical injuries while repair bills act as proof of property damage. Such documents also have value when it comes to insurance companies because they provide a date and a time – which should be close to the time of the accident so, make sure you get checked as soon as you can. If there is any remaining doubt about how much you’ve suffered, bills and receipts should be enough to erase that.

Personal Injury Case

Gathering evidence and witness statements is an especially hard task after having suffered mental and physical trauma. While it makes pragmatic sense to try your best to gather all the evidence you can, you must also remember to take care of yourself and tend to your own wounds. As soon as you can, consult a specialized lawyer you trust and let them handle the legalities on your behalf. If there is one thing we can leave you with, it is that the legal system and the proper procedures can get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. So, don’t try to pursue the person who wronged you, and let the law take its course.

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