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Need the Help of a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer? Here are the Top Qualities to Look For

Broken bones, burns, muscle strains, and disability are all common injuries that can happen at work. Even though some industries, such as the construction field, have more work hazards than others, no one is immune from the possibility of getting injured at work.

If you are injured at the workplace, you are entitled to certain benefits and compensation. You may receive compensation for temporary or permanent disability, medical treatments, lost wages, and wrongful death, among others. Workers’ compensation policies are regulated by state laws and federal legislation, and any lawyer worth their salt should know these laws and regulations inside and out. Here are the top qualities to look for if you need to hire a specialized attorney.

Why Do you Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system intended to offer compensation to workers while shielding employers from litigation. This means you don’t have to prove who is at fault to receive some compensation and a portion of your lost wages, but that’s where part of the problem lies. In effect, through the system, you are giving up your right to sue an employer and receive maximum compensation.

That’s why you should seek a workers’ compensation lawyer to fight back with you. The primary objective of a work comp attorney is to help the victim to receive their due benefits. This means holding the employer liable. By hiring a work comp lawyer, you can avoid a lot of problems and pitfalls when filing a claim.

Qualities to Look For

After you’ve decided to hire a lawyer, the next step is to know what qualities you need to look for.

Communication Skills

Lawyers have to have the ability to articulate their thoughts properly. If you find yourself confused and can’t understand the lawyer, look for another one with better communication skills. Find out what the means of communication between you and the lawyer will be. Many lawyers prefer digital communication through apps or emails, which might not be your style, so ask about that.

Sticks to Deadlines

One of the best qualities a lawyer should have is the ability to stick to deadlines. These types of cases have strict deadlines and statutes of limitation and if you miss a deadline, you might not receive any compensation at all. Deadlines to submit official documents may differ from one state to another. For instance, in Texas, you are given one year starting from the day of injury to file a claim, while in North Carolina, Form 18 must be filed within two years of the date of injury, and Form 19 must be filed within five days. The North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) is the main body that a Charlotte workers compensation attorney works with to get you fair compensation. The NCIC oversees personal injury claims and may either accept or deny a claim based on several factors. The process can get complicated, so you would be much better off with a lawyer by your side.

Provides Explanation

A good lawyer has to explain in detail how they will approach your case and what you can expect throughout each procedure, but they should not promise you any sort of outcome. Be wary of those who promise to win a case. Just as there are signs that point to a good lawyer, there are red flags to watch for. Fortunately, most lawyers do work diligently and honestly, but there are always the ones who are not so good and can harm your case, causing you more problems.


You want an experienced lawyer. That said, quantity doesn’t necessarily trump quality; you could find an attorney with less experience but is highly qualified to handle your case. When looking for experience, look for a lawyer who has experience in workers’ compensation claims. They should be able and willing to tell you how many cases they have won in proportion to how many cases they have taken on.

Need the Help of a Workers' Compensation Lawyer? Here are the Top Qualities to Look For


Professionalism is a word we use loosely, but it is a term that encompasses several traits. It can include arriving for any meetings prepared and on time, responding to your correspondence in a timely manner, working efficiently with the available resources, and behaving appropriately under all circumstances, among many other traits. If you notice any of these traits lacking, switch your lawyer.

Most lawyers will offer you a free consultation, so use that time wisely to determine if this is the lawyer for you. Consult with a few lawyers before making a final decision, and be sure to hire one who is based in your local city or state. Remember, the right lawyer will be enthusiastic and determined to get you full compensation for a workplace injury.

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