Do you need a lawyer to submit a lemon law claim
Halt | May 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

Do you need a lawyer to submit a lemon law claim?

Are you on the hunt for a new or used car?  Perhaps you’ve recently purchased one and it’s already defective?  Then you should submit a Lemon Law claim, and in doing so you need a lawyer.  Lemon laws typically pertain to new cars unless you received an express written warranty upon purchasing your used vehicle, then federal lemon law should cover it in most cases.

First, let’s discuss exactly what the lemon law pertains to and how it’s interpreted.  There is a lemon law in place for each state in the union and they all vary to some degree.  However, the gist of just about every one of them is that you purchased a defective motor vehicle and within a certain timeframe and depending on which state law you are under deemed it to be defective, or it has been deemed defective.  

  • Things to Know About Lemon Laws

Here are some tips for making sure you are able to file a lemon law claim when the time arises.  The first thing you should do or be doing is taking your car to the repair shop. This will put it on the record that you are having trouble with the car and also allow for the car’s manufacturer to handle it appropriately.  If they do not then you may have a chance at a successful claim.

  • Make Sure to Take Notes

Make sure you have every little problem that was happening with your car noted and documented.  Make sure your mechanic didn’t miss anything either when they write the estimate or repair orders.  

  • It Pays to Keep your Paperwork

If you don’t keep your documentation this may come back to haunt you.  There are many things that could happen, such as the dealership or mechanic loses the paperwork, or grease gets all over it rendering it unreadable.  Shoot, they may even go out of business. You never know. So take the reins here and keep all of your paperwork however insignificant it may seem; make copies too.

  • Call a Lemon Law Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is an important step toward receiving a successful decision with your lemon law claim.  You don’t want things to turn sour on you, especially after you’ve probably been to hell and back trying to simply use the car you paid good money for.  Missing work, trips back and forth, having to bother friends for rides, sharing cars, etc. We’ve all been there at some point, and it sucks. So don’t let this happen to you when you were served up a lemon on your car purchase and call a lawyer.  Let them take care of your claim in a professional and timely manner.

So there you have it folks, some simple steps you can take to assure you won’t be left out in the cold when filing a lemon law claim.  Whether you were “taken for a ride” or not, losing the claim will feel just as bad either way; so don’t let it happen and take care of business.

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