What You Need to Know About DUI Classes
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What You Need to Know About DUI Classes

Every year, around 1 million drivers are arrested and charged with a DUI Classes. Whether you’re guilty or not, this can be an overwhelming hurdle to face. You’ll be heavily fined, could do jail time, and be made to take DUI classes.

What is DUI Classes?

DUI classes are usually part of a restorative justice approach where judges assume, once informed of the risks, people are less likely repeat their mistakes. These classes can be informative to drivers who were improperly trained. They can also highlight risks that some drivers may not have previously considered.

If you’re new to having to take court-mandated classes, we’ve put together a guide to tell you everything you need to know about taking classes after your DUI Classes.

Know the Types of Classes

The type of class you are assigned to depends on how long you’ve been using drugs or alcohol and how severely. If this is your first time, you’ll get a short program that might take a day or two. After a few hours, you’ll have completed your duty.

You might find that you’ll learn more about DUIs than you expected.

If you are arrested with an extremely high blood-alcohol level, you might end up taking a longer and more intensive course over a few weeks. Even if you didn’t have a high level, your DUI lawyer might recommend you go to ease your sentence.

Know What’s Required

Short courses will often only require your attendance for a few hours. You’ll hear anecdotes, cover some statistics, and will be able to leave without submitting any tests or follow-ups.

Longer classes will entail random or regular drug and alcohol testing. You’ll be required to be sober for the duration of the class. Failure to show up on time could come with consequences as well. Full information about DUI can be obtained from a professional lawyer like JonathanLapid.com.

Know How to Schedule

You might face several hurdles to attending your class. Be considerate of your child care needs before the class begins. Your license might be suspended during the length of the course, so you might have trouble arranging transportation.

If you fail to attend your class, you could face parole or time in jail. Be sure you’ve crossed all of your Ts before the day of your class.

Know How You Can Benefit

Shorter DUI classes near me can educate you on how you could end up in that DUI situation again and how you should avoid it. Longer classes will show what alcohol does to your body and health benefits to better control over your alcohol and drug intake.

Representatives from groups like NA and AA will speak to you and tell you how you can get involved in a local chapter.

Know What Really Goes On

Your class might not be as dry and boring as you expect. You’ll probably be engaged and expected to be attentive. People who teach these classes won’t have a lot of tolerance for disrespect, latecomers, and rule breakers.

They usually work on a tight schedule and will expect you to respect them and the other members of the class by helping to make the day go by quickly.

DUI Classes Could Be Enlightening

If you’ve never heard some of the facts and figures around how dangerous driving under the influence can be, you might be in for a surprise. Your class could offer lots of information that might help you make different decisions the next time you’re out having fun with friends.

If you’re looking for more information related to your DUI, contact us for help with anything from finding a lawyer for your DUI or any other legal need.


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