Sexual Assault
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Need A Calgary Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer?

Why You Need Representation

Even if you have committed a crime, you have the right to an attorney in most modern and fair societies, and that attorney is legally bound to defend you to the best of their ability. If you have committed a crime like sexual assault that is particularly egregious, you will need someone who is even more talented than you are a criminal mastermind in order to keep you from rotting in prison. The word “rotting” in this context is not hyperbolic — in fact, most prison systems in the world are incredibly inhumane and populated with corrections officers who are abusive and who commit worse crimes than the crimes you may be locked up for.

Sexual Assault

Does this horrify you? It should. It is incredibly important for you to take the types of precautions that you will need to ensure your freedom if you are locked up in Southern Alberta, in Canada. Specifically in Calgary, it is illegal to commit several different types of crimes, and some former crimes have been legalized. Sexual assault, drug abuse, fraud, property theft, assault, domestic violence and impaired driving are among the many charges you might receive that can result in you losing your dignity completely when encountering the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in their attempt to incriminate and incarcerate you. You have to be mindful of the type of defense you have, as it is critically important to have a defense lawyer who is familiar with the type of case you are charged with.

Sometimes, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Calgary might obtain wire taps, warrants and searches that can result in charges being filed improperly or incorrectly. You have to be efficient when doing the type of research that will result in you hiring the correct attorney for your needs. Imagine you have been charged with the sexual assault of someone who was in a completely different country when that person was sexually assaulted. If you have been identified in a line up, that means that you likely look very similar to the person who has been arrested and they might have a case of mistaken identity. You will need a lawyer like the one you might find at where you can find an attorney with an analytical mind, sharp thinking and strategically strong negotiation skills.

Sexual assault lawyer

Having Legal Support You Need

Negotiating is a very important part of the legal process, and it may seem like you are negotiating against your own interests. This is not the case if you have a lawyer who is adept at arbitration who will help you stay out of prison. Your doppelgänger that committed a sexual assault is somewhere on the run, and could still be endangering people. It is key that you make sure that the search, DNA and other types of evidence that is in existence works in your favor and you have a lawyer who will request, analyze and dissect all exculpatory materials in order to paint the correct picture for the judge and jury, which is that you are innocent. The most important thing you can have in life with regard to your lawyer is the ability to trust that person.

In order to maintain that trust, you need an honest lawyer who will be open with you when having discussions about your case, and will address you with the frankness and respect that you will require to be comfortable with the case going forward. Many items are illegal in Southern Alberta, and the area is still threatened with the kind of crime related to gun violence that is seen in other places. The likelihood that you will find the trust very easily with a public defender that is overworked and underpaid is very slim. Sadly, it is an adage of the legal profession that laws are always outdated because people will always test the limits of our legal boundaries in order to commit whatever crimes they think they need to (or want to), and so, you need a lawyer who you can deal with honestly so that you get fair representation in a system that privileges those with money.

Lawyers Can Save Your Life

Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

If the case is between you and some rich person, there is a strong possibility that the rich person will be able to absolve themselves of the crime and cast the blame onto you entirely. If you think that is not possible, someone is laughing at your goofiness as they consider your stupidity: people who are wealthy are able to sidestep all sorts of legal issues that everyone else is unable to. If you have any sort of issues that will result in you having difficulty fighting against someone wealthy, you should have a lawyer who has the sharpness and alacrity to fight for you against those with unlimited resources. That trust is really important because a good lawyer is going to be honest enough with you to tell you that things are not going right in your case, or that the judge is prejudiced against you, or that the jury seems to be not on your side.

Having poor representation can turn deadly, especially in a society that is inclined to want to throw you away when society considers you to be an utter and complete waste of time. People who commit crimes can be considered and treated like they are expendable by society, especially if they are poor. Sadly, all over the world poverty is treated like an indictment, as though people who are poor are inherently skilled at criminal activity. Most studies have shown that wealthy people commit considerably more crimes than poor people, especially because they are not being pursued by the law. This happens everywhere, even in Southern Alberta, a landlocked portion of Canada that boasts beautiful mountains and gorgeous sights.

You are definitely going to have to learn more about criminal defense attorneys online before you make the decision to hire one specifically. This is worth the extra time and energy to figure out exactly what you want for your future. Sure, you may find a lawyer that is incredibly cheap, but is their record of keeping their clients of out jail any good? You may find a lawyer that is nearby you, but are they going to fight for you to win? These are questions worth considering when hiring a lawyer in Southern Alberta.

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