National Roofing Codes
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Element Exteriors – National Roofing Codes

With the evolution of technology, there has been an enhanced demand for high-quality roofing materials as well as advanced installation methods. As a matter of fact, all national roofing codes, as well as standards, has one primary thing in mind which is to safeguard the lives of people and also investments apart from protecting public welfare by means of regulating structure and design. An increased desire for sustainability has been likewise reflected by many codes and standards at present.

National Roofing Codes

The Energy Factor

A building which is energy-efficient happens to be a cost-effective establishment. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) releases commercial facility standards, including cold-storage units, semi-conditioned establishments, educational institutions, and warehouses. These standards have been incorporated by the states as well as local building establishments into their building codes.

However, Element Exteriors Roofing states that ever-changing ASHRAE standards put emphasis on enhancing a facility’s “envelope,” by means of using polyiso insulation as well as R-value recommendations. With the drop in energy costs, an increment in insulation standards and minimization of the drain on the limited natural resources it has become possible for the building managers to use energy savings to their advantage and likewise be eligible for LEED points by selecting certified roofing systems. Element Exteriors - National Roofing Codes

Wind Uplift

The threat of wind damage for low-slope roofs have decreased significantly because of these building codes. Wind uplift which can create negative pressure on the roof’s surface perimeter can undermine the integrity of the roofing system and even loosen the architectural shingles eventually if not built correctly. Enhancements in single-ply membrane attachment fasteners, as well as sheet metal components not to mention the edge details, will help the roofs to resist high wind loads. The wind-resistance standards can differ from one place to another, with the most stringent standards imposed in those areas which experience high winds on a regular basis. The ASCE-7 (American Society of Civil Engineers) updates its criteria from time to time so as to reflect enhancements in the installation methods and also the roofing system technology. Moreover, the roofing systems will be tested on uplift-testing tables so as to make certain that they are able to satisfy the wind-load specifications.

Impact and Fire Resistance

The Uniform Building Code (UBC) and the International Building Code (IBC) have set standards depending on either the type of construction or occupancy with the intention of minimizing any damage caused by hail and also preventing any fire from spreading rapidly. These standards have been adopted by the local building codes so as to provide benefits to facilities in their specific areas. The UBC and IBC persist on sticking to the installation specifications of the roofing manufacturer. The IBC provides prescriptive specifications for improving fire resistance and impacts for multiple roofing systems, such as PVC, EPDM, BUR, metal roofs, and coatings.

What does it imply for Owners and Managers?

As more and more innovative and enhanced national roofing codes and standards are incorporated by the industry, facility managers and owners can always expect slight enhancements in the installation expenses of the commercial roofs out there. This results in more resilient, stronger, and enhanced energy efficiency, reduced repair expenses plus bigger long-term savings. Always remember, professional roofers will continuously be informed of building codes to ensure proper installation.

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