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If You Are A New Attorney, These Are the Services You Will Need

The legal business is a great business to be in. As long as people are, well, people, then the business will always be booming. People will always find ways to get in trouble. People in trouble need a lawyer. Everybody hates lawyers until they need one. Another great thing about the business of law is that it is multifaceted. If you don’t have any interest in tort or criminal law, you still have a multiplicity of options. Family law might be more to your liking. Don’t forget probate law.

If the personal drama is more than you want to deal with, business law is extremely lucrative. It is not all conflict and courtroom drama. A lot of it is regulatory compliance. Depending on the business, patents, copyright, and trademarks could be involved. You can spend an entire career in a company’s patent portfolio. Just recognize that at a certain level, there will also be courtroom drama — especially in the tech industry. As companies fight over turf, that fight inevitably spills into the courtrooms. The thing to know is that no matter what kind of law you enter, business is good, and always will be. Second, you won’t be able to go it alone. You are going to need a team that includes some outside service providers. Here are the few service providers you are going to need to hire.

Services Needed For A New Attorney

Court Reporter

Court Reporter

Court reporting services are a necessary part of the legal system that, ironically, get very very little press. When asked what they want to do when they grow up, no kid says they want to be a court reporter. Part of the problem is that few people know what a court reporter does. It has nothing to do with media coverage of legal proceedings. It has everything to do with accurate and complete transcriptions of everything that happens during court proceedings.

Wherever there are courts, you will find people doing the job. As a new attorney, you will need those services. If you practice in the Great Northwest, you will need court reporters in Seattle and the surrounding areas. The same will be true if you confine your practice to a small town in the Heartland. Wherever you happen to be, court reporting service is one of the most important services a litigator will use as an attorney. So be sure to retain the best if you want to be the best at what you do.


Insurance Policy

Every business person needs insurance. So minimally, you will need to know the top insurance providers in your area. If you have an office where you see clients, that office needs to be insured. You are just as liable for slips and falls in your office as Walmart is in their stores. But as an attorney, you already knew that.

Just know that professionals need another layer of insurance beyond the mundane. Like a doctor, you will need malpractice insurance. That is not the sort of thing you can typically get from the same people that insure your Hummer. While we’re on the subject, you might also want to retain a lawyer. You are not going to represent yourself if you are dragged in front of a judge. Doctors don’t operate on themselves and good lawyers don’t defend themselves in court.

Document Disposal Service

Document Disposal Service

As an attorney, you might be surprised at the documents you simply can’t get rid of. You have to keep a lot of paper for varying amounts of time depending on the document. When the time comes to ditch it, you can’t just crumple it up and toss it in the nearest receptacle. Some places have shred-a-thons for disposing of sensitive paperwork. As an attorney, you will need to do even better. Consider hiring a media disposal service. After all, you will have more than paperwork. You will have photos, SD cards, and disk drives to deal with. How you get rid of all that media is as important as how you preserve it.

As an attorney, you are a service provider that many people will need. But service providers also need service providers. So think carefully about who you will use to provide court reporting services, insurance services, and media disposal services.

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