Motorcycle Law
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Motorcycle Law – Bringing A Claim For Compensation

Motorcycle accidents happen less frequently than car accidents, but the nature of these accidents seems to be more intense,  more injurious and more deadly. Here we will talk about everything you need to know about the motorcycle law.

All you need to know about Motorcycle Law

Congested traffic and rear-end accidents

Many of the motorcycle accidents on the roads are because of speeding or alcohol use or both. Not long ago, California also allowed lane-splitting for motorcycle riders. This is a practice where you ride your motorcycle between lanes of slow-moving traffic all moving in the same direction.

So under California law, this lane splitting is allowed when there either slow-moving or stopped traffic. Congested traffic is always particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. The reason for this is because of the risk of rear-end accidents. These sorts of accidents often happen in rush hour traffic and can cause serious injury to the rider.

Know the law – it could be your saving grace

Motorcycle law in California is different from regular passenger vehicles. The rules are designed to protect motorcyclists and it is important to know the rules if you want to reduce your risk of a motorcycle accident. California has many regulations on the equipment riders have to wear and that must appear on their bikes.

Motorcyclists and their passengers have to wear helmets that are in compliance with certain standards. These standards are set by the Department of Transportation in the United States. The bikes have to be rigged up with right and left mirrors. Handlebars must be installed in a certain way too so as to ensure the driver’s hands are not more than 6 inches above shoulder height.

Choose experience

If as a motorcyclist you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, Timothy J Ryan and Associates will offer skilled assistance when you have suffered injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Even something as simple as road burn should not be ignored as it can lead to some serious complications without prompt medical attention. In fact, sometimes this kind of road rash will require skin grafts – a long and costly procedure that you will have to pay for.

The lawyers belong to a host of lawyer’s associations.  They know exactly what is required to work towards a motorcycle accident settlement so as to ensure you get your just compensation. Who in their right mind wants to take on the insurance companies? You don’t stand a chance, but with a trusted, reliable, experienced law firm with a lot of leverage you stand a fighting chance.

The firm has already recovered nearly $20 million for motorcycle accident clients and they are standing by to do the same for you.  Call them as soon as possible to get your free consultation.

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