Motorcycle Accident Claim
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Types Of Damages You Must Pursue In A Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycle mishaps often lead to severe injuries because riders have little protection while driving an open vehicle. All riders are susceptible, and even the safest ones may encounter accidents due to the negligence of other drivers. While motorcycle accident claims are similar to car accident compensation claims, they may get a tad more complicated. Injuries tend to be catastrophic and even life-changing and the risk of fatalities runs high.

Pursue A Motorcycle Accident Claim

As a rider, you must be aware of the types of damages you can claim in mishaps involving these vehicles. Awareness is vital for getting the value you deserve to cover your treatment costs, losses, and other expenses. Let us list the types of damages you must pursue in a motorcycle accident claim.

Medical expenses

Medical expenses

Recovery should be your top priority after any mishap. Motorcycle crashes are not an exception. In fact, you may end up with massive medical bills after such accidents. Falling from a bike or collision with another vehicle often causes catastrophic injuries. Deep cuts, burns, and fractures are common. Victims may sustain traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries if riding without a helmet. Thankfully, you can claim medical expenses, including ambulance costs,  emergency room bills, diagnostic testing, doctors’ fees, prescription drugs, hospital charges, and physical therapy. Likewise, those requiring surgical interventions can seek coverage for surgery costs as well.

Mobility aids and home modifications

Motorcycle accident victims are like to come across life-changing injuries like amputations, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Besides the pain and suffering they cause, these injuries entail significant expenses. You may have to invest in mobility aids such as wheelchairs or crutches to be physically independent. Amputees require prosthetic limbs to restore normalcy. Likewise, you may also require home modifications and adapted vehicles to preserve the quality of life. Ensure to add their costs to your compensation claim because they can be painful.

Long-term care

Long-term care

Victims with severe injuries may never regain their independence as they become bedridden or wheelchair dependent for life. It means they require assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, changing clothes, cooking, cleaning, and even eating. If you are in such a condition, you will require long-term care. Even if a family member volunteers to be a caregiver, they will need to stay off work and look after you. Either way, you require financial support to ensure good long-term care. You can rightfully claim it as a part of accident compensation.

Pain and suffering

Injuries cause immense pain and suffering. They can be worse when occurring due to the negligence of another driver. The more severe the damages, the greater is the pain and suffering. Luckily, motorcycle accident attorney representation can help you claim damages for the pain and suffering. You only need to prove the emotional distress and mental anguish you faced due to the accident. You can even seek compensation for the loss of quality of life, companionship, and consortium.

Lost wages

Anyone suffering from motorcycle mishap injuries is likely to lose their capacity to work. You may lose it temporarily due to minor injuries or permanently because of a disability. Lost wages and missed paychecks can take a toll on your finances and cause stress. The challenge gets even more daunting amid expensive medical treatments and rehab therapies. But you can claim damages for lost wages to stay afloat. Besides wages and salaries, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals can seek coverage for lost income.

Diminished earning potential

Diminished earning

Some injuries may not put you out of action altogether, so job loss is not a concern. But you may have to struggle with diminished earning potential for the long haul. For example, you cannot work for long hours or perform the same duties as in the pre-accident stage. Such incidents can lead to a significant loss in your income down the line, as you work part-time or pick a lower-paying job. The good thing is that you can ask for compensation for the loss.

Life may never be the same after a motorcycle accident, specifically when you sustain life-changing injuries. The implications extend beyond physical pain and property damage because you have to deal with much more. Your family suffers seeing your pain and suffering. Even worse, your finances take a hit when you lose your job or earning potential. Thankfully, you can rely on personal injury law to rescue you from a challenging situation. The good thing is that you can claim compensation for all types of damages you suffer in the accident. You only need an expert attorney to calculate the valid amount and substantiate your claim with solid proof.

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