Personal Injury Cases
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Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

According to statistics, there are about 3 million non-fatal injuries per year in the United States. Personal injury cases come in numerous forms, but most of them are a result of the carelessness of others. For instance, if you were hurt in a vehicle crash because another driver was not paying attention, it was their negligence that led to your injury.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you may be wondering what to do next. Questions like “What are my legal rights? How do I find the best personal injury lawyers near me who will help me get fair compensation and protect my legal rights?” might often cross your mind.

To win your case, you need to know what a personal injury case is and have a good personal injury lawyer on your side. In this post, we’ll discuss the most typical types of personal injury lawsuits and the steps you should take if you find yourself in such a situation.

Vehicle Crashes


An estimated 6 million car accidents occur annually in the United States. Car accidents are a common cause of serious injuries in the country. Internal injuries, shattered bones, recurrent neck and back injuries, disfigurement and burns, amputations, paralysis, and traumatic brain injuries are only some of the possible outcomes.

Distracted, careless, or drunk driving are common causes of traffic accidents. Every auto accident is different, and state regulations may be different depending on the specifics of the incident. If you want to make sure you are fairly compensated after an accident, you need a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with cases like yours.

Premises Liability

Owners of private property must ensure their establishments are safe for their guests. If property owners fail to address a safety concern or avoid a dangerous condition, they may be held negligent. This means you can hold them responsible if you are injured as a result of a dangerous situation on someone else’s property.

Some of the most prevalent types of personal injury lawsuits include slips and falls. Slipping on a damp floor, stumbling over uneven pavement, falling in a dark alley, and not having sufficient handholds on a flight of stairs are all examples of situations that might come under this category. Negligence may also include failing to place warning signs where they are needed.

Dog bites also fall into this category, and you may be compensated for an injury by a property owner’s liability insurance. The owner of the property where the dog bite occurred may be held legally responsible for the victim’s damages. Many states have different regulations in place for cases involving dog attacks. Some states need evidence that the dog has a history of aggressiveness, while others are exceedingly rigorous in favor of the complaint.

Medical Gadgets, Medicines, and Malpractice


We have faith in our medical staff to treat us with the utmost care and concern, as per their education and experience. Although most doctors do more help than damage, there are cases when the opposite is true. Medical malpractice lawsuits can be filed against healthcare workers for misdiagnosis, withholding or inventing information, manipulating test findings, and providing harmful drugs.

Furthermore, every year in the United States, hundreds of people are hurt or killed because of adverse medication reactions or faulty medical equipment. Certain prescription and over-the-counter medications have the potential to cause serious harm, which may be terrifying to consider. Unfortunately, faulty medications do exist. Drug companies can be held liable for any harm or death that occurs as a consequence of their products.

In addition, some technologies such as metal-on-metal hip implants and malfunctioning hernia mesh, have also been linked to significant injury. Equipment manufacturers could be held accountable for injuries caused by their faulty products, insufficient safety testing, and failure to provide necessary warnings.

Intentional Assault

Intentional Assault

To a lesser extent than in other types of personal injury lawsuits, intentional damage is distinguished by the fact that the victim’s injuries were not the result of carelessness or an accident. In most cases, those responsible for such atrocities will be brought to justice. But, the sufferer also needs to file a personal injury claim in civil court to be compensated for their mental and bodily suffering.

For victims of sexual assault or abuse, filing a civil lawsuit is the best way to go. In civil court, the standard of proof is lower than in criminal court; it is enough to establish whether or not the defendant is responsible for the plaintiff’s damages.

Personal Injury Cases: Final Thoughts

These are the most typical personal injury claims. Whether you or someone close to you experiences any type of personal injury, it’s important to be familiar with the system so you know what to do. When filing any of these claims, having an experienced attorney on your side can also help you negotiate the most favorable outcome possible.

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