mistakes with motorcycle accident claims
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5 Mistakes with Motorcycle Accident Claims and How You can Avoid Them

Are you worried about dealing with accidents on a motorcycle? Or perhaps you’re in a situation where you need to file a claim. Whether it’s this or that, it’s good to know the common lapses.

Many people fail to get proper compensation because of frequent mistakes with motorcycle accident claims. The filing process is crucial to ensure the settlement is fair. So, what should you avoid?

That’s why we’re here to help! Check these five common mistakes and see what you can do to prevent them.

1. No Documentation

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

One of the most valuable parts of filing a claim after an accident is having evidence. That means videos and photos taken during the accident or immediately after.

Motorcycle accident claim documents should include proof of what happened at the time of the scene. So ensure you take visual evidence showing the accident, damage, and injuries.

Collecting information from witnesses and people involved also helps. Get their names, contact numbers, and insurance information.

As for your gear and vehicle, leave them the way they look until you finish the claim filing process.

2. Rejecting Medical Attention

Another mistake many make after a motorcycle accident is rejecting or overlooking medical treatments. Even if you think you’re alright, you should see a doctor ASAP, especially if you’ll file a claim.

Keep detailed records of your visits to the doctor after the accident. It must include copies of your bills, medical receipts, and prescriptions. You can also keep a statement from the doctor after assessment to confirm the problem is a motorcycle accident injury.

3. Accepting Settlement Offers Immediately

Motorcycle Accident

People often offer settlements on the spot to keep the problem from escalating. No matter how attractive the offer seems, it’s best not to accept them until you file a proper claim.

Insurance companies usually give you a lower settlement than what you should receive. They may even negotiate and convince you to accept the offer.

If you want to get what you rightfully deserve, avoid taking the offer until you get professional advice.

4. Getting Repairs Too Soon

Once the accident is over, you might want to get your motorcycle repaired as soon as possible. But when you file a claim for a motorcycle accident case, you would want to have all the evidence you can get. That includes the condition of your vehicle.

Until you get a lawyer on your side and have everything you need, keep your vehicle in the same condition after the accident.

The cost of repairs can amount to a large sum. If you reach the claim filing deadline on time, you might be able to get the other party to cover those repairs.

5. Overlooking Calling an Attorney

Suffering from PTSD Following a Motorcycle Accident

Many think they can go on with filing an accident claim without an attorney. But they forget that insurance companies don’t always help you out.

If you want to be sure you’re getting the right compensation, hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to guide you.

Avoid Mistakes With Motorcycle Accident Claims With These Tips

If you want a reasonable settlement offer, look out for common mistakes with motorcycle accident claims. That way, you will know how to handle the situation without missing a step!

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