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Halt | March 5, 2022 | 0 Comments

Top Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Making a Personal Injury Claim

If you want to claim compensation for personal injury, you will soon discover that the process is anything but straightforward. The process is complicated, and you are likely to be financially compromised and emotionally vulnerable. Due to this and a lack of familiarity with the law, you can easily make mistakes that can compromise your ability to successfully obtain the maximum compensation out of court or through a court trial. Some of the most common mistakes people make:

Inexact Assessment Of Injuries

burn injury

You must assess the extent of your injuries accurately and know how much financial loss you have suffered before filing a personal injury claim. Many victims of accidents do not know the full extent of their injuries and how much the treatment will finally cost. Many people also underestimate the long-term impact of the injuries and fail to consider all the possible expenses, including those needed for making lifestyle changes. Insurance companies take advantage if a claimant appears ignorant.

Not Getting Medical Treatment

Seek Medical Treatment

There are two reasons to consult a doctor after an accident. The doctor will evaluate your injuries and treat you appropriately before things escalate. You will also generate the necessary documentation regarding the extent of your injuries and the prescribed treatment. By consulting a doctor, you will also establish if you have received any internal injuries or injuries that may not be readily apparent. According to Legal Match, your personal injury claim amount may be reduced if you don’t seek medical treatment as you must mitigate your losses.

Not Supporting Your Claim With Medical Records

Evidence of Injury

Filing personal injury claims without using medical records is absurd, but it remains a common mistake. If you underestimate your claim, the defendant’s insurance company may grab the opportunity to settle for a low sum and rob you of fair compensation. It is better to exercise patience, make a thorough evaluation, and include comprehensive medical records to support your claim.

Not Recording, Collecting, Or Retaining Important Evidence

When you are involved in an accident, you must take photographs of the site, so it becomes clear why the accident happened. You must also note down the registration numbers of the vehicles involved and the contact information of the drivers and witnesses. You must also retain an acknowledged copy of a letter to the owner of the premises informing him of the accident in case of a slip and fall accident or a copy of the police report in case of an auto accident. Also, make it a point to carefully preserve the doctor’s prescription, test reports, and money receipts for all expenses incurred due to the accident. All these documents will help support your claim.


While it is feasible to file a claim and negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company by yourself, not engaging an experienced personal injury lawyer can be a mistake you may regret. Only a lawyer will know all the technicalities involved in getting fair compensation without being bulldozed into accepting a low amount. A lawyer will also help you to evaluate your claim and tell you whether you should accept the settlement or get ready for a court trial.

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