Misconceptions About Criminal Defense Cases
Halt | November 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

3 Common Misconceptions People Have About Criminal Defense Cases

People are usually not prepared to face criminal charges. This is why so many of them have absolutely no idea of what to expect of them. They don’t know which steps to take or make some crucial errors as a result. This is why you must do your research before the proceedings so you’ll get a chance at a fair trial and sentencing. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and misconceptions people have about criminal defense cases.

There’s No Point in Hiring a Lawyer Because I’m Guilty

Even though you may know you’re guilty and that there is enough evidence to convict you, there are tons of reasons why you need a lawyer. For instance, there might be some additional charges that are unrelated to your case. These could add to your sentence, but you can still discuss them and have some of them dropped. This is something only a qualified lawyer with years of experience dealing with these kinds of cases will be able to do. Firms like Edelson Law are a perfect example.

Firms like these could help you find irregularities in your case. For instance, some charges may be out of the statute of limitation. There might have been issues during your arrest. In other cases, the crown will offer a plea deal, and these can be difficult to decipher for someone who’s not familiar with them. These aren’t always bad and could help shave a few months or years off a sentence. In some cases, this could allow you to avoid prison time. So, you must hire a lawyer, and a good one.

The Best Lawyers Are the Most Expensive

This isn’t true. It’s just a representation of how much people are willing to pay them. There is no cap on how much defense lawyers can charge in the country and the market sets the rates. The most expensive lawyers aren’t necessarily the best, and the cheapest the worse. Some new lawyers might not have a track record to show for, but might still be great at what they do.

Also, some of the cheap quotes might be because some things were left out. For instance, they may not include trial representation or charges for additional proceedings. Expensive lawyers could also be charging you for things you don’t need. It is up to you to assess what your needs are and to know what is included in your package.

Going to Trial is Always the Best Choice

If you want to spend more money than necessary and roll the dice with your life, go to trial no matter what, even if the crown offers you a reasonable plea deal. But, if you want to make things easier and get a chance at a discharge or avoiding jail, you should consider the option. Again, this is where it will be essential that you work with a lawyer that actually cares about you and isn’t trying to expedite the process.

Sure, there is always the possibility that you get acquitted, but it’s a gamble. Going to trial means that the judge will ultimately decide your faith and you’ll have no control over it. And you won’t get any discount based on the plea deal you were offered earlier.

These are all myths you have to dispel immediately if you don’t want to risk your freedom or spend more time than you need to in jail. The most important thing is having the right people in your corner, and making sure that they have your best interest in mind with a solid track record.


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