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Maximizing Your Personal Injury Compensation Using These 6 Tips From The Pros

People all over the world are involved in accidents every day. When it’s not your fault that the incident happened, you may be able to gain compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company. People frequently pursue financial settlements to help them pay for their medical fees or car repair expenses. If they can’t work, they’ll seek compensation for loss of earnings.

Sadly the legal process isn’t always simple, and sometimes other parties deny liability. You may be in this situation right now, and wondering how to get justice. This article has been published to provide six tips for getting the most compensation for your injury.

Tips To Maximize Your Personal Injury Compensation

1. Appoint A Legal Advocate

If you are undergoing medical treatment, the last thing you will feel like doing is battling with insurance companies. What you’ll want is a professional to take over the whole process. They will be best placed to know how to present your case, and to fight for the best payout. The good news is that people usually gain higher settlements when they employ attorneys.

Appoint A Legal Advocate

In 2019 there were 16 fatal car accidents in Honolulu, involving 24 vehicles. When people look for personal injury lawyers in Honolulu they often check how many years’ experience they have, and what are their areas of expertise. People want to be able to book video chats online and to access free consultations.

2. Gain Medical Evidence

You must get medical help immediately. When you do this, a file will be created that will form part of your legal case. Your doctor will produce a medical report and if necessary, you’ll be referred to a specialist for theirs. Such things as X-rays, MRI, and CT scans can all form part of your legal evidence. Photos taken on the day of injury can contribute to the pain, suffering, or trauma element of your claim.

Gain Medical Evidence

Collect all the bills for treatment, hospital stays, emotional or physical therapy, and prescription medication, because you’ll need to be compensated for these.

3. Claim For The Future

It may be that your medical condition requires you to have house modifications. They would be for such things as wheelchair ramps, walk-in showers, or stairlifts. This information (together with any invoices) would form part of your claim.

If you will be needing future medication and surgery, this should also be factored into your legal claim. The same thing applies if you will have to work fewer hours, need to find a different (lower paid) job, or will never work again following your injury.

4. Collect An Armoury Of Documentation

On day one you should take photos of the accident site. If it was at work there may be loose cables, overhanging boxes, or drawers left open. Perhaps you were injured in a sports ground and can take photos of the faulty equipment. If it was a vehicle crash, take photos of the cars and their damage. If the road was poorly maintained (eg. uncut trees, a lack of lighting, potholes, and gravel) capture this too. Additionally, write your report and draw diagrams of the event.

Collect An Armoury Of Documentation

You’ll also need to collect the full contact details of the other parties, including their insurance details and driving license (for vehicle accidents). Takedown the contact information of any witnesses.

Other documents you might collect may include car repair bills, towing fees, and hire car rental costs. You may also have documents showing your loss of earnings. If a Police crash report is produced, be sure to get a copy.

5. Be Careful Who You Speak To

Let your lawyer talk to the other party’s insurance company. Don’t talk to them yourself and provide a statement: they will have a team of lawyers who are skilled at evading payouts.

Be silent on social media regarding the accident and If you write an account that differs from the one you’ve submitted, your case will be weakened. Any pictures showing you in full health or on holiday could also be used as evidence against you.

6. Be Wise Over Settlement Offers

The other party’s insurance company may make an earlier but lower offer. Don’t give in simply for an early resolution, even if you are struggling financially. Never accept a settlement offer before your full medical diagnosis has been determined. Let your attorney oversee the whole process.

As you can see, there are many ways you can help your case. Harness the power of a legal professional and be sure to collect everything you need. Hopefully, the case will be satisfactorily resolved and justice will be done. You will have been compensated and can focus on your physical recovery.

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