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Max Those Billables: 4 Best Time Clock Wizard Apps on the Market

Create a spreadsheet, download a file, speak to a client. Your workers have constant demands on their time. But are their efforts paying off?

A time clock wizard app lets you really dive into your team’s work. If replying to emails is eating up a chunk of everyone’s day, maybe you can find a way to make the process easier or more efficient.

There are many different apps on the market. Here are the best time tracking apps that we could find.

Best Time Clock Wizard Apps

You can get started with Time Clock Wizard for free. It’s very popular because the app has a lot of uses. In addition to tracking employee time, you can also manage employee schedules, operate your payroll, and more. For delivery businesses must use a GPS time clock.

The system of time clock wizard allows for instant notifications. If you ever need to look at anything on your account, you can log in on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Time Doctor: Work on Remote Terms

Time Doctor is particularly useful for people working on remote teams. If you can’t see your employees in front of your face, it can be hard to know what they’re doing. Yet the benefits of a remote working environment are huge.

The app allows you to take screenshots of your workers’ devices so you can see if everyone is on task or not. Every boss’s fear is that their employees are slacking off on sites like Facebook and YouTube.

If you’re paying someone for their time, you need to know that it’s not being wasted. Time Doctor offers extremely details reports that you can comb through for information.

Toggl: A Financial App

Toggl focuses on freelancers. You can assign one-off or recurring tasks with ease. You can also set reminders for yourself.

The basic Toggl plan is $9 a month. You’ll receive a single, annual bill, however, rather than a monthly one.

Business owners and freelancers like Toggl because the system is very easy to use. You can create a new project in seconds.

Hours: To Track Employee Hours

Hours can work for any business employment that needs to track employee hours. However, you can only access the system through its own IOS app and its website. It’s less convenient than some of the other options.

Hours customers pay $8 a month. There’s also a basic, free version that you can use.

Timely: To Record the Terms Activity

Timely record your team’s activity then makes guesses about what you did. If you agree, you leave the record untouched. If not, you can make an edit.

As Timely’s system becomes more sophisticated, it’ll become more useful. Each edit is recorded so accuracy is increased in the future.

Freelancers pay $8 a month for timely. Teams can access the features for $15 a month. There’s no free plan that you can test out.

Best Time Tracking Apps

The best time clock wizard apps are constantly changing. Old apps are updated and new ones are introduced with regularity. Experiment with different time clock wizard apps until you find one that your team gels with.

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