Workplace Discrimination
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How to Know You’ve Been Discriminated Against At Work

Everyone deserves to go to work, do their job, and not be discriminated against. It’s your right to be valued, appreciated, and fairly treated. However, this is not everyone’s experience, and workplace discrimination is a common problem for many Americans. If you can relate to these situations below, there’s a chance that discrimination might be rife in your workplace, seeing the need for possible legal intervention.

Signs Of Workplace Discrimination

You Don’t Receive Equal Pay

Payment in advance

Many people contact Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC when they learn they aren’t receiving equal pay from their employer. This means you’re being paid less than a co-worker with the same position and experience level.

Some companies don’t allow their employees to discuss their salaries, sometimes in an attempt to stop instances of unfair pay from being realized. However, your right to talk about your salary with others is protected by federal law.

Being paid less than someone with the same work experience is a form of workplace discrimination, and you might wish to seek legal representation when your employer is unwilling to rectify the situation.

The Company Lacks Diversity

A lack of diversity can be immediately apparent during the early stages of being hired for a job. You might notice that the company employs people of one race, gender, age, or another demographic. There can be many benefits associated with diversity and inclusion, and not employing someone based on their background, culture, gender, and other factors is a form of discrimination that’s unacceptable in workplaces today.

You’re Missing Out On Advancement Opportunities

Workplace Dispute

Not everyone will be in a position to advance in their career. However, there can be clear signs of discrimination if you miss out on advancement opportunities repeatedly when you know there are no valid reasons for not getting promoted.

You might be qualified for particular positions, possess all the necessary skills, and have worked hard as a reliable, responsible, and experienced staff member. If other employees with less experience and qualifications keep filling roles ahead of you, you might see the value in seeking advice from an employment or discrimination lawyer.

You’re Being Bullied Or Belittled

Joking and teasing are the social fibers of many workplaces, but not all jokes are funny. Some can be harsh, belittling, and offensive, even if they’re masked as jokes or teasing. If you notice that people you work with repeatedly make comments and jokes that offend and create a hostile work environment, consider reporting such conduct to your manager, and if no action is taken and the behavior persists, consider legal action.

Disciplinary Action Isn’t Fair

Investigates the facts of a case

Disciplinary actions don’t always match the errors you made. Sometimes, you can be severely punished for something other employees only received a minor warning for or weren’t punished at all. Take note of similar situations to your own, and document your experience compared to others. For example, you might have received a written warning for being late to work once when another co-worker is frequently late and is never reprimanded.

Discrimination isn’t always blatant, but it can be. If you can relate to any of these situations above, taking legal action might be something you consider to create a fairer working environment for all.

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