Understanding Mailchimp's Email Privacy Policy
Halt | April 6, 2019 | 0 Comments

Mailchimp Integrations: Understanding the Marketing Platform’s Privacy Policy

Did you know that 43 percent of email users will report spam if they do not recognize who the email is from?

An email privacy policy is essential in a company’s email security program. Mailchimp is an online marketing platform that makes integrations easy, including legal integrations.

We know that email terms and conditions can get confusing. We are going to walk you through the basics of Mailchimp’s email privacy policy. After reading this your subscribers won’t mark your communications as spam!

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a software that manages many products for businesses and individuals.

While mainly used for email marketing, the Mailchimp platform offers other products and services like:

  • Email
  • Landing pages
  • Postcards
  • Signup forms
  • Google remarketing ads
  • Facebook ads

The product offers a free version for users with subscribers numbers on the smaller end. Upgrades are available for purchase. Their product differentiators include their extensive integration features and privacy policy settings.

Mailchimp Integrations

What is integration in email? Mailchimp’s integration tools allow you to combine many online tools onto one platform.

Mailchimp offers many integration options with your favorite software and apps. This integration makes working across online platforms easy. It also makes following the legal aspects of email policy a breeze.

The platform’s integrations include hubspot Mailchimp sync, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, and Copper. They offer over 150 more integration options.

Mailchimp Permissions and Email Privacy Policy

When dealing with email marketing, spam is a common issue. Follow the terms and conditions to avoid your email communications appearing as spam.

Mailchimp is serious about its permissions settings. All users have to opt-in to receive email communications. Companies must also follow express legal language. For example, the opt-in feature can only ask one question at a time.

These strict permissions settings lead to a strong platform privacy policy. Mailchimp is serious with their privacy standards. They protect the personal information that they receive.

Their policy breaks down into their different users: Members, Contacts, and Visitors.


This section applies to the personal information from a member or potential member.

Information collected includes:

  • Information provided by the member
  • registration information
  • billing information
  • device information
  • product usage data

Mailchimp uses this information to bill, send alerts, provide support, data analytics and more.


This section applies to the information of contacts’s uploaded by members.

Information collected includes:

  • Information about contacts submitted by members
  • Device information
  • Product usage data.

Mailchimp uses this information to protect the rights and safety of members, meet legal requirements, provide lawful requests, data analytics and more.


This section applies to personal information that is uploaded through the website.

Information collected includes:

  • Information provided on the website
  • Information collected on other websites

You’ve Got Mail

Email privacy policy can be tricky. Hopefully, Mailchimp’s integrations, permissions, and privacy policy are clearer now. If you are in search of other legal help check out our blog.


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