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Looking For Immigration Lawyers In Spain? We Give You Tips On How To Choose The Best Legal Services In Spain

Thousands of people from across the globe choose Spain as their place to settle down, create a family and retire. This comes as no surprise given the laid-back and friendly local culture as well as the mild weather conditions. As someone who is looking to immigrate into Spain permanently, you will need to sort out some legal documents, such as residency permits or visas, allowing you to live in the country long-term, with the same rights as every other resident.

As different types of legal action will apply to different cases, seeking immigration lawyers for advice on the best course of action is essential. However, the quality of the legal services you choose is of paramount importance in this context – with your future rights to live in Spain literally depending on how well they do their job. So, here are some tips on what to look for when choosing the best legal advice providers in Spain.

Aim for English-speaking immigration lawyers

Talk to an Immigration Lawyer About Your Needs

You may think that any legal advisor who deals with immigration law will be able to communicate in English just fine. This is not untrue, as most immigration lawyers will be comprehensive in English as well as have access to translation tools to work with you. However, it is highly recommended to look out for legal advisors who market themselves as English-speakers and deal with immigration cases on a regular basis. For example,, the best immigration lawyers in Spain, have lots of information on immigration options readily available to you in English on their website. Each of their specialists speak fluent English and so miscommunication is much less likely to happen when dealing with such firms – which is a top priority in any legal case.

Look for an area expert

Hiring a legal professional is by no means cheap and so you should expect the highest services possible. Your immigration lawyer should be an area expert who has extensive experience dealing with cases similar to yours. While some legal advisors may be a bit more versatile and have knowledge in various areas of law, it is recommended to look for someone who specialises in only one or a few types of legal areas.

Besides just looking at their portfolios of previous cases, you can also test their expertise during your first consultation. Always meet your potential legal advisor prepared, have some questions and concerns ready to discuss with them. This will allow you to see how knowledgeable a lawyer is in the area – whether they answer your questions based on vast experience and area expertise, or sound unsure and need more time to look up the answers.

Get Professional Help: 4 Signs You Need to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Communication and professionalism

The legal advisor you choose should not only display professionalism but also have great communication skills. Now, this criteria may be slightly subjective, depending on what your expectations and concerns are when dealing with a lawyer. However, in general, your legal advisor should be organised, always well-prepared for meetings with you, able to give you a clear and concise overview on your case and maintain regular communication with you.

Use your first consultation with a potential lawyer as an opportunity to see how professional they are and ask important questions. Try to look out for how they communicate with you and the length of their response times. See if they come to your meeting prepared, knowing the basics of your case already. Ask immigration lawyers how they will go about keeping contact with you, how your meetings will be held and what the process of your case will look like.

Read client reviews

Just like with any other business you decide to deal with, reading client reviews is always a good idea to get an insight on the different pros and cons of that specific firm. Whether it is through online reviews or through personal recommendations, try to find out about any problems people may have had while dealing with specific immigration lawyers. Perhaps the case was taking way too long to complete? Or the lawyer did not provide clear explanations to their clients.

Immigration Lawyer

Don’t forget to be critical, however, when reading these reviews. It is easy to start focusing on the bad and ignore the many good things people had to say about the lawyers. Not every case is the same and so the things that some clients found to be negative may be completely normal and tolerable to you.

A law firm VS sole practitioner

In Portugal, a high percentage of lawyers decide to work as sole practitioners rather than working for a larger law firm. Neither option is better than the other, so it is completely up to your personal preference which one you would rather deal with. A good way to decide though is by thinking about the different pros and cons of each. For instance, a single lawyer may provide you with a more personal communication while a law firm will be able to provide you with an alternative professional for consultations, in case your lawyer gets ill or otherwise becomes unavailable.

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