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Halt | February 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Loio – Useful Software for Legal Pros

To be competitive today, legal professionals need to master the power of technology. When clients expect more for less, while law firms and in-house legal departments look for ways to cut expenses, it’s the only way to cater to the needs of both sides. What’s more, the legal tech works magic in boosting the productivity of legal pros and relieving their stress.

Among all the law firm software solutions available on the market, Loio stands out with its offering the most useful features gathered “under one roof.” Attorneys and paralegals are the primary users of this tool.


Loio is an AI-driven Microsoft Word add-in that helps you review and edit contracts faster. Marketing itself as a useful tool for everyone who works with legal documents, the software boasts three main features — AI-powered Highlights, Styling, and Numbering.



Chances are you’ve created your contract by copypasting most of its parts from other documents. You are probably under the pressure of getting the contract approved as fast as possible, while also making sure it’s 100% errorless. That’s where Loio jumps in.

It will immediately highlight all the important entities like names, parties, numbers, addresses, etc for you and present them on the add-in screen. That will save you hours of reading through the text.



Broken formatting is something many legal pros complain about when crafting contracts. Making sure that all the fonts and sizes match is a drag. Making your way through all of them and getting your contract to look good will take hours.

With Loio, you can fix styling for the whole document — be it a 2-page or a 120-page contract — with one click. Imagine all the hours you can save for more rewarding tasks!



Some legal pros refer to numbering as something truly hellacious. One wrong move and the whole document goes north. If your contract is longer than three pages, the need to fix numbering can make you truly mad.

Normally, you would have to go through every single page yourself and see if there are any mistakes in numbering. Loio will point out all the inconsistencies right away and allow you to fix everything with one click.

Working with legal documents is tedious and time-consuming. And maddening. Legal document software can make your life so much easier. Not only will it point out all the imperfections in the contract, but it will also save you lots of precious time that you can dedicate to higher-value tasks. Sounds magical, right?

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