Legal Items to Include in a Paystub
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Legal Items to Include in a Paystub

There are a million details in running a business, some of which can have devastating legal ramifications if done wrong.

Paying your employees can end up feeling like walking a tight rope, but with the right organization, it doesn’t have to be.

Understanding a good pay stub example allows you to organize your employee expenses.

Below we will go over the details of a proper pay stub and what you need to understand when using them.

The Pay Stub Example

A pay stub is a simple thing. It can, and in some cases must contain a lot of important information.

Here is a rundown of the usual pay stub example. If you can cover all this information in an efficient and succinct manner, you got yourself a pay stub winner!

1. The Employee’s Information

The biggest bulk of information will be all of your employee’s information.

The list of what information is good and what is required are both long.

The basic list for employee’s information is the employee’s name, social security number, address, birthdate if a minor, sex, and occupation.

2. Hours Worked and When

Keeping track of your employee’s time is very vital. If an employee works overtime, there must be a record of it. As well, if there is a discrepancy in what an employee worked versus what is on the pay stub, that can be a major issue.

Note the total number of clocked employee hours, as well as the dates that they worked in. Keeping a record of the when and how much will keep you on track.

3. Taxes, Deductions, and Employer Benefits

There are a great number of potential items that you should deduct from an employee’s pay.

The biggest one is State and Federal income tax. You must show the exact amount of taxes deducted from the employee’s income to ensure that they have all the needed information when tax season hits.

Other deductions may differ from employer to employer. If the employee has insurance through you, then you must record the payments for that.

As well, note other things like pension funds and retirement plans.

4. Pay Rate and Pay Stub Total

The last major component of a full pay stub is to have the pay rate and pay total listed.

This seems like an obvious addition, as the entire point of a pay stub is to mark the income of your employee for both them and your own records.

The importance here is ensuring that there is a clear understanding of their pay rate, including any raises. This keeps communication between employer and employee clear and honest.

A Little Helping Hand

Making sure each and every pay stub is accurate, delivered on time, and consistent can be a big task. It only gets bigger as your company grows.

There are a few options that can be worth investing in for the future. Linking up with an expert in the pay stub field can go a long way towards keeping everything perfect.

There is no one better than ThePayStubs. Their support and expertise will guide you to a better and more fluid system.

Paying It Forward

With this pay stub example and a bit of guidance, you are well on your way to ensuring that your business runs in a smooth and efficient manner.

Don’t skip out on the little details! Things as simple as pay stubs can add up to be a big deal.

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