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What Legal Documents Do You Need For International Travel?

Traveling to another country is exciting. But all travelers know the time and money it takes to travel overseas.

But what’s the number one thing that can force travel plans to fall short? Missing certain documentation requirements. When traveling internationally, you need to provide certain documents that prove your identity and your place on the flight.

International flights enforce this policy very strictly. To ensure safety for their passengers, security needs to check each passenger for specific identification policies.

Each country may have specific requirements for international travelers. Some even have other restrictions, such as getting a DUI or DWI.

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Here are the required legal documents you need for international travel

Legal document translations

Before you book your plane ticket and way before you board, you need your legal documents translated if you’re traveling to another country.

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Plane Ticket

Your plane ticket, or boarding pass, is required each time you board a plane. When security checks your plane ticket, your legal name appears on the pass. This ensures you’re the correct person who booked your flight.

There are other reasons why you must have your boarding pass on you while you board the plane.

Certain flights require you to book your seat before the flight. Having your boarding pass helps prove you reserved your seat and helps you find your seat.

Every flight you take requires a boarding pass. But this is important for international flights. International travel flights fill up easily. Having a boarding pass guarantees you have a spot on the flight.

In this modern-day, there are many ways for you to acquire your boarding pass. Most airlines will email you the boarding pass, and you have the option to print your tickets at home, at the airport, or even scan the pass on your phone.

If you booked a connecting flight, both tickets will be emailed to you.


A passport is useful for two main reasons. A passport helps prove your identity during international travel. It also gives you permission to leave and enter the country you reside.

A passport also helps prove your residence status.

This is important because certain countries only allow citizens from other countries to enter. If your passport shows you’re from a particular country, you may not be allowed into that country.

Passports are also used to prove your identity. Your passport lists your legal name, age, address and other crucial information. When you go through security, they will look at your passport and boarding ticket for identification purposes.

Be sure to make sure all information on your passport is updated and make sure your passport hasn’t expired. If your passport is damaged, you’ll also need a new one. Any of these factors result in boarding denial.

Driver’s License

This isn’t necessarily required; your passport will display enough information so you may not need your driver’s license. But depending on security, they may check your driver’s license anyway.

The most important aspect to check is if your driver’s license and passport have the same information. If security checks your driver’s license, this is what they will check.

You should also make sure your driver’s license isn’t expired, in case of security checks it.

If you don’t have a driver’s license, a birth certificate can be used as a substitute.


Depending on the country you travel to, a visa is required. A travel visa grants you access to enter and exit the country. However, you can’t reside in or work in the country. A special residency or work visa is required for either option.

Not all countries require a travel visa, but some do. Here are some frequently traveled countries that require a travel visa.

Keep in mind, long-period stays may require a special visa, even if you’re only traveling. Check the country you’re traveling to.

The Country List You Should Check

United States

Before you travel to the United States, you must obtain a travel visa. This visa is placed in your passport and grants permission from the country you reside in to travel to the United States.

If you meet certain requirements, a U.S. travel visa isn’t required. Always check the U.S. travel website and see if you’re eligible for visa-free travel.

U.S. visas cost $160 USD. There’s no fee if you’re engaging in government-sponsored exchange travel.

The maximum amount of stay is six months and your visa lasts for 10 years. Make sure you leave two months to receive your travel visa before your flight leaves. You can apply for a U.S. travel visa online.


Regardless of what type of travel you embark on, a visa is required for non-Australian residents. Fortunately, a travel visa is free. This visa is good for 12 months.

Your only restriction is you can only stay in Australia for three months at a time. You can get an Australian visa online.


Before you party it up at the Copacabana, you need a Brazilian travel visa.

When traveling to Brazil, you must carry your home country’s passport and your Brazilian travel visa. You can obtain your visa at a Brazilian consulate in your home country or apply online (the online application includes a fee).

If you’re eligible for a Brazilian visa, it will last 10 years. It will cost about 130 real ($40 USD).


Depending on the country you reside, a travel visa to Turkey is required.

You must be a passport holder in your home country. You can obtain a Turkey travel visa online.

You can easily gain a Turkey travel visa from a website such as Turkey Tourist E-Visa.

The visa costs 75.82 in lira ($20 USD). It’s recommended you apply at least three months before leaving. The maximum amount of time you can stay is 90 days. The visa is valid for 180 days.

Gather Your Documents for International Travel

Traveling internationally is a lot of fun until you get held up at customs.

Fortunately, the document requirements are minimal. Always keep your boarding pass, passport, and driver’s license on you. If you need a travel visa, always bring your visa or have it available online.

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